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Ditch The Worrying......

We live in a world where we are programmed to worry about EVERYTHING.

We live stressful lives, go through the motions of life, worry about things that in the grand scheme of things DO NOT matter.

What will people think if I post this?

How does this look on me?

I can't say that because what will people think of me?

I must be the perfect parent!

I must be the perfect wife!

I must act a certain way!

What is the best diet I can follow because I have to look good and lose that weight!

I can`t eat that because it has too many calories!

God it was exhausting just to even type that.

We live with so many pressures on us that we are becoming programmed to worry what others think ALL THE TIME, to conform and be "perfect" while sacrificing our own identity and we worry about the what ifs in life and leave living life to the fullest on the back burner.

Our lives have been consumed by external circumstances, we are constantly conforming and worrying about what strangers and social media will think of us. We judge our self worth by the number of likes we have on our Facebook and Instagram posts and hide our beautiful selves in fear of being ridiculed or talked about.

We exist in fear of judgement and at the same time we ARE being constantly judged by our external circumstances. Our worth is often dictated by the job title we hold, the voice we carry, the number of friends we have on Facebook and the size of our house. No wonder we hide who we truly are.

But, wouldn't it be nice to just be who you are, let the right people come into your life and love you for being YOU? To be judged by how you treat people and the size of your heart rather than the size of your bank account? To say the heck what people think of you because you are happy with YOU? To live with total love instead of constant FEAR?

I must say, I have been guilty of going down the road of what ifs, worrying what others would think of me, questioning if I should make a certain post, should I act a certain way. But, I quickly have learned that this does not serve me WHATSOEVER! Being perfectly ok with the quirky, silly, positive, outgoing and sometimes cranky me and not worrying about things I have no control of has been liberating…. Tough at times? Heck yes, but totally worth it.

So, today, I encourage you. Be your own beautiful self, stop worrying about what others think, stop wondering and stressing over the what ifs, or what others think of you, let go of the fear and take a chance on YOU.

Life is too short to live your life according to other people's standards. Take control of your thoughts because these thoughts are so powerful and what you think can either raise you up or hold you down. So say shag it to what others think, say see ya later to the fear and live according to your own rules and do what is right for YOU.

Speak your truth, wear that outfit, eat the cupcake, drop the scatter F bomb, be silly, show your emotions and just BE YOU!

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