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3 Tips to Becoming A Goal Setting Ninja

Staying “motivated” with your goals can be a challenge. In fact, motivation just doesn’t last and it isn't enough to reach your goals.

So how do you follow through and reach your goals if you are not always motivated to do so?

I get that question ALL the time.

While an unpopular opinion, because we have been led to believe that we should be doing everything with ease nowadays, setting and reaching goals takes work and dedication (in my opinion). Now I don’t mean it has to be super hard, the ride or die mentality or you have to dread goal setting but it does require you showing up and taking action.

You are not going to wake up everyday skipping like Mary Poppins and stopping to smell the roses while reaching goals. There will be obstacles and there will be challenges and this is where most people throw in the towel and quit on their goals. Most people can start, set and begin goals but once the novelty wears off, so does the commitment.

Let me preface this by saying, yes, you get to choose which energy you bring to your tasks and how you think about your tasks, but you still have to do “ the things” to reach your goals.

Some days it takes doing the things you just don’t wanna and using mindset strategies. Sometimes it takes discipline and setting rewards. Sometimes it takes showing up and doing things less than perfect. It’s mindset work. It’s managing your energy. It’s accountability. It’s strategy. It’s proper execution. It’s reframing how you look at your tasks.

This doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself to reach a goal, but it does take commitment and showing up.

Before we dive into to the tips to unleash your inner ninja, let me start by highlighting 3 things you should STOP doing right now if you are struggling with your goal setting and achieving...

1.) If you are working on more than 1 goal and feel like you are spinning your wheels and can't focus, pick 1 goal to master. Table the other ones for right now and come back them. Once you have that one established, you gain confidence and you feel good, you can add another one.

2.) If you feel your goal is too large and feels impossible to accomplish, STOP. Not quit. BUT, reevaluate. I want you to ask yourself "how can I break this down into a smaller task".Reverse engineer your goal and break it down into smaller steps so they are achievable. Then pick 1. 3.) Stop the "should" goals. If you have goals that you are only doing because you think you should, stop them and re-evaluate. Your goals should excite you and they should actually belong to you. This doesn't mean you have to ditch the goal but see if you can reframe how you look at the goal or see if there are any ways you can spice it up to make the goal exciting.

So how do we strengthen our goal setting muscles? How do we create a mindset where we don't resort to quitting and falling back into old habits.

Here are 3 quick few tips that have helped me and my clients become a goal setting and crushing ninja. Self proclaimed of course 😉

1.) Start your day off right. Without my morning routine, my focus, productivity and mindset is not at its peak which means my actions, thoughts and behaviours don't always match my goals. With my 6 pillar system, it includes the perfect tools to get me and mindset to where I need it to be to work on me and be successful in achieving my goals. These tools help me develop a solid mindset to navigate the challenges of goal setting and therefor makes me a ninja while crushing my goals time and time again.

2.) Brain health is sooo important. Don’t take it for granted, fuel your body and brain so it is working with you and not against you. This involves a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, caring for your emotions and looking after your mental health. This pillar is almost always overlooked but is a huge indicator of success for mental clarity.

3.) Surround yourself with people who have already accomplished the goal you are working on. Want to get healthier? Follow, learn and surround yourself with people who are healthy. Want to build your business? Surround yourself with people who already doing it.

Shag it, let's do one more for good measure...

4.) Keep moving forward on your goals, even if they are just baby steps. One of the biggest mistakes people make when setting a goal, is they make it too big and forget to break it down into bite size, actionable steps. Don't go ALL IN, break it down and make life long changes toward your goals that will stick. The baby steps is where the magic is.

While I could talk about goal setting all day and I have a kajillion more tips , I will leave you with these 4 tips which have helped me and my clients immensely with my goal setting.

Want to learn more about how to set and achieve goals? Thought you would say YES.

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Happy goal setting!!!



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