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Welcome to...

The Rock Your Morning Routine Course

say goodbye...

 to feeling overwhelmed, stressed and burnout and

and SAY hello...

 to boundaries, energy
and confidence

The Rock Your Morning Routine course was created for the ambitious woman who wants more in life PERIOD.

So many of us are go, go, go with our heads down trying to do all things without even realizing that we are on autopilot. 


(I get it, it used to be me).


The people pleaser. The hustler. The must do ALL the things. The say YES girl. The high achiever. 


But here is what I have learned (the hard way)...


You really can’t do it all and you don’t need to wear your hustle as a badge of honor. 


Insert rock your morning routine. 


This was created as a result of making some major changes in my life that made such a positive impact on my life. 


In fact, it led to me leaving my 9-5 teaching career, having more confidence, letting go of being in my masculine all the time and embracing my feminine side, finding what truly made me happy, speaking on the most incredible stages and so much more. 

"You can't  outwork an outdated mindset. If you want a different life, you have to change your thoughts, beliefs and how you think..."

But most of us are so busy distracting ourselves from living according to other peoples definition of success that we don’t even realize what we want or who we are. 


We can’t just want something different, we have to know how to do the internal work to match what we want. 


I know, it seems unsexy, but this work has gotten some really sexy results…

My results + client results...

☑️ Ditching the mentality that you have to hustle all the time and embracing the softness

☑️ Learned how to develop healthy boundaries

☑️ Ditched people pleaser tendencies

☑️ Self confidence was skyrocketed

☑️ Learning how to  UPLEVEL and go after those dreams

☑️ Made more money and called their shot

☑️ Learned what made me happy

☑️ Left my teaching career 

☑️ Felt calmer and in control of the day

☑️ Show up confidently and being UNSTOPPABLE

☑️ Scaling businesses beyond their dreams

" I was skeptical at first, but you've created an amazing program that forces you to look inside yourself and critically about all those clouds that loom overhead!"


In this course you can expect....

My signature 6 step framework to give you my go to tools that have worked for me and hundreds of my clients to implement a morning routine and feel AMAZING.


A practical way to implement a morning routine that works in 10 minutes (if that is all you have).


My proven tools to make habits stick. Habits are my jam and I teach you the science and tools to go from not being consistent to becoming a habit queen.


A “no guesswork”  platform where you log in, get what you need in a simple, and easy digestible way. (You don’t have to spend hundreds of hours researching, I already did that for you 😉)


A fun, supportive environment and community to help bring levity to this often serious concept. Say hello to your new community of hype women and the most supportive community around. (Only available for February - March cohort)


Bonus sessions to elevate your experience and an opportunity to ask questions and get clarity around YOUR morning routine. (Only available for February - March cohort)



Bonus sessions to elevate your experience and an opportunity to ask questions and get clarity around YOUR morning routine. (Only available for February - March cohort)

Yup, best $100 I ever spent! I''m also learning not to beat myself up when I miss a morning. I try to fit it in later in the day, or I just pick right back up where I left off the day before. Your 6 steps have been life-changing.

I am certain this morning routine is the only thing keeping me sane right now during these crazy, crazy times. 

This course has helped me in every aspect of my life including my energy, my career, relationships....

everything has changed for the positive. I am more at ease, patient and lean into love a lot more. I cannot say enough about how it truly positively affected my day to day life in every way. 

This course IS for you if...

Shift-6 2.JPG

✔️ you wake up exhausted every morning and feel like you are in a rat race

✔️ you are done with excuses of why you can't have what you want

✔️ you are sick and tired of not going for your goals and quitting on yourself

✔️ you are an ambitious woman who has been in the hustle a little too long and wants to have a little relief without the sacrifice of results

✔️ you are ready to see massive changes in how you feel, how you show up and the quality of your life (and business)

✔️ you want to get to your next level but you keep doubting yourself and shrinking to fit in

This course NOT for you if...

ⓧ You aren’t willing to break up with the story “ I just don’t have time

ⓧ You aren’t willing to give this system and framework an honest try

You want a quick fix. While you will be shocked at how quick you start to feel good, this work is ongoing and does take consistency

ⓧ You aren’t open to learning about a different way of living

Start date: February 12 - March 22
(welcome party February 12, 2024 @7:00pm)


Copy of gina (28).png

I am so excited to share this 40-day program to help you find ease, confidence and overall wellness.


I have spent HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of hours perfecting my morning routine, changing how I live,  and finding the best rituals that will set you up for success, and I want to save you the guess work so you can start rocking your day differently too. 

I have been able to triple my financial goals, crush my milestones (without hustle), overcome anxiety, and rock my day both personally and professionally, and I attribute all my successes to the way I start my day and how I changed how I thought. 

Don`t pull a “Gina” and keep spinning your wheels hoping "one day" to start a morning routine. Start TODAY with me in your pocket helping you rock your day.


The quickest way to determine your future, is by looking at the things you do daily.


But it's time to change how we approach it. This is a not just another to do, it's the relearning of slowing down and showing up differently. 

It's not just a morning routine, it's a new way of living. 

Meet Alison
Guest speaker

Alison March is a slow living multiple business owner who contributes her success to the time she spends on herself. She’s an alumni of the Rock Your Morning program who’s going to ignite your belief in your own ability to change your life by changing how you start your day in her workshop.

What's included ?

Monday - Thursday accountability check-ins. Gina will go live in the private Facebook group for a group check-in at 6:00am, and share a bit of motivation to start your day. These are 5 mins max and the whole intention is to hold you accountable. Don't want to meet at 6? No problem, catch the live when you wake up and check in. 

Monday, February 12th @7:00pm NST, we have a welcome call to kick off the 40 days together and give you some epic tips to be successful and meet all of the other amazing women inside. 

You have a private APP where you will receive daily guidance and prompts in a simple easy way to help you implement your morning routine to fit YOUR lifestyle. 

Each Thursday, Gina will do a live Q and A where you can ask questions about your morning routine and how to make it work for you. Can't make it live? No worries, you can submit your question and catch the replay. 

We have a bonus call on Thursday, February 15th @7:00 pm NST with special guest Alison March who will guide us through a practice to find time effectively in your calendar to get things done. 

For 40 days I take the guess work out for you. You'll receive daily meditations, affirmations, journal prompts and tools how to succeed in any habit. This is where you learn how to have that success you want. 

There is an app for that...
everything you need in one place to help you overcome the blocks, disbelief and resistance that comes with making those dreams and goals a reality, not just a dream.


(Q) Is this run through a Facebook Group?

(A) Normally, NO. But for this round only we are going to have an exclusive FB group for accountability, community and connecting. 

(Q) Are there refunds?

(A) Unfortunately, there are no refunds for this program. 

(Q) Do I need any previous experience to do this program. 

(A) Absolutely not. No matter what your background, I have you covered. You can be a morning routine expert or an absolute beginner. 

(Q) How much time each day will this take?

(A) This can take as little as 15 minutes to complete each day (+the bonus calls). I show you how to make a morning routine work for YOU.  However I will warn you, when people start to see the benefits, they usually extend the length. 

gina (1).png

Mindset Expert + Modern Woman Peak Performance Coach

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