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Welcome to
The Keeping it Real Podcast

The mission? To empower women to create a life and business they are OBSESSED with, to dream big, to blur the lines, make going after your dreams the norm and have some fun while doing it. 

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Meet your host, Gina. 

After retiring from teaching in her 30's and going all in on her dreams, Gina realized that the conversations needed for growth and going after your goals were usually kept behind closed doors.


She took her teaching to the podcast and has empowered people to create a life they freakin' love, to have more fun and love all sides of who they are.


We are over here keeping it real and having the deep conversations that make you feel not alone and NORMAL. 

We are all about changing the narrative, doing what makes you happy and learning how follow your heart, not your head.  

We also like to have a little fun while we do this thing called life and create businesses that make impact. 

Come along for the journey as we go all in, and actually LIFE a life we love. 

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SUPER Inspirational Guests

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Real and Raw Conversations and behind the scenes convos

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Inspiration, motivation and some tough love coaching

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Everything you need to live your best life, achieve your goals and have fun while doing it

Podcast Topics?

"Gina it feels like you are speaking right to me!"

It's that kinda cast. Where I pull back the curtains and show you all the behind scenes of life and business as if we were sitting in back of my car, hatchback up, overlooking the ocean with a coffee in hand. I like to call it bestie talk. All the spicy things a really close friend would share. 


✔️ Mindset Hacks

✔️ Motivation with a sprinkle of a kick in the butt

✔️ Behind the scenes stuff

✔️ How to be confident in who you are and what you want

✔️ How to set goals and create  a vision that LIGHTS you up

✔️ How to create habits that stick

✔️ And so much more

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