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Build a Life and Business you are OBSESSED with!

Helping women (like you), go after what you want, shift your mindset and go ALL in on YOU and your dreams.


You deserve to live a life and business you are excited to wake up to and around here we are all about building extraordinary lives + businesses. 

 It's time to say YES to YOU! 

Around here we are burning the rule book and empowering women to stand up, create extraordinary lives and go after what they want.

I see you with those big dreams and goals, with that burning in your belly for something more and the desire to lead your business with freedom, passion, impact and income that goes against societal norms. But as big as the vision is, I also see you...

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Feeling like you are holding yourself back, playing small and not stepping into your greatness.

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Feeling stuck, stressed, burnt out, and your business is running you and you are not sure how to fix it.

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Being too much in your head and not enough in your heart, doubting if you have what it takes to really reach your goals and dreams.

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That you are terrified of what could happen if you decide to go ALL in (hello fear of failure AND success).

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You get to wake up and be excited about the life you are living and the business you are building.

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You get to do what LIGHTS you up and not what society tells you that you "should" do.

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You get to burn the rulebook and do it your way in both how you live your life and how you run your business.

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You get to have it all. The life. The business. The impact. The freedom. The income. The quality of life. Ease.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

The question is, are you going to let these things hold you back?

It's time to stop talking yourself out of your dreams and start making them happen. Ta-ta's out and let's do this together. 

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Choosing to go after those dreams and smash the boxes we have been placed in is SCARY as heck. It can feel overwhelming, lonely and feel like throwing in the towel ON THE DAILY is the only option.

I remember when I started out in my business, I tried to do it all on my own and just kept spinning my wheels. 

But doing it alone is hard, mentally it is SUCH a struggle and often feels like your life and business is just on auto pilot - and not the good kind. 

I get it, building 3 successful businesses, I get it.

But, it really doesn't have to be this way.


You get to have it all.

(I think I need my teacher voice on this one)

You get to have a life and business that YOU ARE OBSESSED with. You get to do big, beautiful, scary things. You get to  make money doing the thing you love. Your dreams get to happen and I want to show you how. 

Over here we go BIG, we pull back the curtains, we keep it FREAKIN' real and build lives and businesses that have massive impact and incredible results. 

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Rogers TV

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CBC News

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CBC Radio

What clients have to say...

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Hey, I'm Gina...

Thought leader. Change-Maker. Disrupter. Motivator. Hype Girl. Expander. Go-Getter. Mindset Queen  and your ticket to go from OK to OUTSTANDING in both your life and business. 

I help coaches, &  ambitious women/leaders step into their confidence & create a life and business they are obsessed with as they embody freedom, purpose and individuality.

Around here we prioritize taking care of you,  fun and getting to have it all. 

✔️ I have retired myself from my 15 year teaching career and am now helping people around the world to create their own freedom.

✔️ I have helped thousands of incredible humans go after what they want and do things in a way that feels aligned, that matches who they are and build a life and business that they love waking up to.

✔️ On a mission to help as many women own their confidence, stop settling, and go after what they want without the rise and grind.

If you are ready to take your business and life to the next level and you are sick and tired of living in the "good enough", I got you. 

Life gets to be extraordinary and you get to have it all.  

New here, and not sure where to start? 

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Bust Your Beliefs

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