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for entrepreneurial women who want to develop an unstoppable mindset, grow & scale their business, AND get their gifts out into the world. 

Girl - where have you been my whole life...Cue the dance party.



If you’re looking for someone to help you with mindset work, motivation, personal development, or any number of life skills critical for living your best life, Gina is your woman!! I’ve been a part of every group she has offered, and the growth I’ve witnessed in her clients is amazing. You won’t regret investing in time with Gina, which is investing in yourself.

Business & Mindset Mentor.
Host of the "Keeping it Real Podcast".
Proud mom of an amazing daughter. 
Fur mom.
Lover of good food.
Ocean explorer. 
Lover of nachos.
Lattes + Good Conversations = My Perfect Past Time
Black Belt. Wrestler. Football Player. Hockey Player.
Lover of keeping things real and breaking the norms.


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Well, in a nut shell, I take your dreams, your goals, and your visions and make them a reality. 

all while...

teaching you how to develop an unstoppable mindset + grow and scale your business so you can get your gifts out into the world and make an impact.

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With 15 years as a classroom teacher, one thing I can do in my sleep is take a task (aka your vision) and break it down in bite sized pieces.

I take the guess work out for you, saving you time, energy and a whole lotta frustration. 


Combine that with 6 years of business experience under my belt, add A LOT of cheering and celebrating your successes, and you have THE perfect recipe for success. 

Let me break it down for you...

 The first thing we do is get to know each other. As a teacher and certified life coach, I know the importance of really getting to know my clients, how they learn best, and why they do what they do. Being certified under Tony Robbins allows me to use the 6 Basic Human Needs Quiz to give you insight into why you do the things you do. It also allows me to coach you according to YOUR needs. I don't believe in a one size fits all approach. 

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We get clear on what you want to achieve AND how you want to feel while building your business. I help you ensure you are implementing self-care routines to set you up for success. I do not believe that you have to hustle bustle the whole time while growing your business. We want to make this enjoyable while we are making your goals come to life and creating the business you have always dreamed of.

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I create an individualized plan on how to achieve your goals and break it down into bite sized chunks. In our weekly meetings, I give you actionable items (aka homework), we celebrate your wins, I help you with boundaries, self care, obstacles, and all the other messy bits that might pop up when growing your business. 

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It is hard to put into words my incredible experience with Gina! The positive impact on my business was immediate. Gina helped me get clear on my goals, re-igniting my passion. Gina took the ideas in my head and made them real. Not only does she possess the greatest of coaching skills, but her compassion and understanding are felt every step of the way. Gina celebrated every success with me! I will be working with Gina throughout my career!