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So, you are ready to dive in and want to work together. I can see us sippin' on lattes already, getting giddy about all the success to come in your business.

I should make one things clear: once we start working together not only do you have a Business & Mindset Mentor guiding you, but you have your VERY OWN hype girl. Get ready, because there is no such thing as a small win and part of the win is celebrating all the milestones along the way.

Here is how you can work with me...


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The Expansion Formula

Where confidence, mindset, energetics and strategy meet and the results are pretty freaking incredible.

My Signature course that has helped business owners simplify their business without struggle, make an impact, own their money mindset, make more money and create a life and business that LIGHTS THEM UP. 

Seriously, if you are a business owner, run and get yourself inside this course. 

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1-1  VIP Coaching


VIP Coaching is for you if you are ready to to dive in and are serious about growing your business with a mentor to collapse time around your goals. 

We are talking high level hot spot coaching, validation, activation, implementation, inspiration, accountability, tough love coaching and lighting a fire under your arse kinda vibe. 


If you are serious about having a mentor to guide, challenge and help you on the journey, check out the options below.

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The Shift Event



We are back to in person events and if you have been at the last event, you know how magical these are. 

These events sell out fast, so make sure you are on the waitlist for when doors open.

Our next event is January 14th, 2023 and it is going to be incredible. 

Highly recommend following our Instagram account @theshiftevent to get all the up to date information

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The 90 Day SAS Program

Taking Masterminds to a whole new freaking level. 

This is the most potent container if you are looking to simplify your business, take action and get rid of the noise and make more money. 

We have a system that is designed to generate results and we are here to guide you through it. 

There is no other program out there like this that combines strategy + accountability

(January 2023)

"The best decision I made was hiring Gina because she took all that stress away and was there every step of the way.

"WOW! I don't even know where to start with Gina!!!!


She HANDS DOWN was my SAVING GRACE when it came to Launching my New business and very first website. I am NOT a tech person AT ALL and I didn't know anything about how to launch a website or how to do any of the back end things when it came to linking payments or creating pages or designing them AT ALL! It brought me a LOT of anxiety and I did not have the patience or knowledge on how to do any of this. 


THE BEST decision I made was hiring Gina because she took all that stress away and was there EVERY STEP of the way with me! She helped me create my website with so much patience and ease.......and actually made it FUN to do it with her. She was there any and every time I needed her during my launch and answered all my questions quickly, promptly and made learning all this stuff so easy and FUN! We laughed, we cried, we celebrated we danced, we DID ALLL THE THINGS that truly helped me stand out and make my launch a HUGE success! "


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