You are an empowered woman!

module 2: i am going for it

In this module we are going to learn about "The Pyramid of Mastery". There are 7 components to this pyramid and we are going to see where are currently and areas we may need to focus on for improvement. 

We are going to talk about the 3 Pillars of Progress. We will be discussing how to  make 2 mm shifts to propel you closer to your goals and help you identify your personal blueprint and where to go from there. 

We are going to be using the Dicken`s Process to check in and see if there are any lingering limiting beliefs holding you back. We will then replace them and really step into your own and face them. 

This week we are doing a recap and a catch up week. This week will allow you to get any homework not finished (especially since last week`s homework was a little tedious) and we are going to be doing some hands on activities including a meditation on the this weeks call. 

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