You are an empowered woman!

lesson 4: recap

Holy toledo, we are at the end of Module 2 already. Where did the time go. This week is going to be a catch up week, a week to check in with our completed homework, a week to reflect on our progress, our room for improvements and a chance to see how far we have come. 

Don`t just take this week off as there is no new homework. This week I want you to go back through your work, review it, see if there is any unfinished work, e-mail me any work that you don`t have finished and take a breath. You have been working really hard and you should be proud of yourself. 

Head on over to the homework section to help guide you through this refresher week. 

Oh and Happy St. Paddy`s Day, I hope you are enjoying the day and making some new memories!

"Believe in your future self."

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