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Module 1 - Lesson3

Please note that this lesson will be a 2 part lesson.

part 1:


The first part of our lesson is going to be devising a plan to make sure you are reaching your goals. Creating your goals and having them visual is the first part, the next part is what are you doing to implement them. We are creating a PLAN and taking action. This is otherwise known as an action plan. 

"Goals without a plan are just dreams!"

Our goal for this course is to get stuff done, to feel better about our lives and to show up and be the best versions of ourselves possible. However, this DOES NOT mean that we have to burn ourselves out, jump all in and try and achieve all of our goals at a time. 

This lesson will give you a few tips on how to maximize your productivity but will teach you how to do it in an affective way. A way that keeps you excited and motivated to move forward. 

One of our ways of doing this is to umbrella our goals. Some of our goals can be grouped together which makes your goals less daunting and more achievable.  By finding commonalities and similarities between your goals, you can put them together and one action can actually meet several of your goals.  


5 of my goals that I put together in ONE action were:

1.) Exercise Daily

2.) Meditate Daily

3.) Wake up earlier

4.) Read from my personal development book every morning

5.) Post a positive quote daily

All 5 of these goals can be put into 1 action plan:

- Implement a morning routine.


This means I:

1.) Wake up 6:00 am every morning

2.) While having my snack/shake do my posts for the day

3.) Do my workout

4.) Meditate right after my workout 

5.) Read my PD while drinking my coffee

* I recommend you review your goals and see if you there are any you can umbrella together.


 how do we implement a SUCCESSFUL action plan?


Here are the things we will zero in on this week to  make sure we have a successful plan in place to crush all of your goals.


  1. The first and most exciting thing about goal setting is celebrating your success. We are going to set in stone what YOU are going to do to celebrate once you crush your goal.

  2. We are going to set a time and schedule when you are going to reevaluate, reflect and do a check in to see if you are on track with achieving your goals. My reflection time is Sunday. I reevaluate my goals and action plan, check and see if I followed through and I make specific mini goals for that week. This check in allows me to look at my progress, set new mini goals and get motivated for the upcoming week.

  3. We are going to set specific action steps in order to reach your desired goals.

  4. We are going to identify some potential problems that might come up and how we will combat those problems.

  5. We will identify your support team who will keep you on track with reaching your goals.

  6. We are going to identify how you will monitor your daily/weekly/monthly goals.]

When creating your action plan template, here are a few tips to keep in mind:


  1. Be willing to make alternative plans. A step that you implement might not work, life might happen, you might go off track, life happens. BUT, when this happens, do not be discouraged, find an alternative route.

  2. Visualize your goal and your achievements, by doing this, you find new, creative ways to master your goals.

  3. Remember to have FUN when setting goals and associate your new goals with happiness, empowerment and excitement.

  4. Keep motivated by remembering what your celebration is going to be when you crush your goal.



In the printable PDF you will find your homework sheet that highlights all of these important tools for putting your plan in action.


BUT, before you check out the PDF and get started on your homework, check out PART 2 of your homework below.


part 2:


Part 2 of your homework is all about identifying things in your life that you may have sacrificed that brought you JOY!

You know, sometimes we just don`t have fun anymore, we don`t experience joy or laughter and we take life WAY too serious. So, this week we are bringing the FUN back. 


Yup, we are bringing the fun back.


In your homework PDF, there is a section where you have to fill out 20 things that bring you joy and happiness. This list is where you are going to pick your celebrations/rewards from in our action plans.


During this exercise, pick out things that you love to do and fit in with your budget, something that will feel great, fuel your soul and make you happy. These things might seem small, but these are the things that we may have pushed aside and replaced them with things that don`t focus on YOU!


Here are a few examples that are on MY celebration/reward list:


  1. Buy a new book (buying books brings me soooo much happiness)

  2. Buy a new workout top

  3. Treat myself to my favourite restaurant

  4. Buy a new journal

  5. Take a day off from work and have a ME day

  6. Give yourself a mani/pedi or go get one

  7. Take a hot bath, wine and Netflix

  8. Go to the Rooms on free night

  9. Have a drawing night/colouring night

  10. Bake my favourite meal/cookie


*TIP: Google FREE ways to treat yourself and see if any of those spark an interest.


Have fun with this, this is your chance to put FUN back in your life and will also motivate you to reach those goals.

"A goal without a plan, is just a wish."

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