Module 1 - Goals, Goals, Goals


Over the next 3 months we are going to be digging deep and making some serious changes that will help enhance the quality of your life tremendously. But in order for you to get the most out of the three months you are going to have to commit and give it your all. Here is what you need to do to make these changes and live a life full of authenticity, happiness and KICK ASSNESS!


  • Show up every day and give it your ALL, your 100%, your max.

  • Do all the activities, they are designed to have an impact in a certain way and they are all connected (EVEN if they may seem silly).

  • Reach out, ask for help if you need it.

  • Do your best!!!! Some of these tasks will be challenging, so be gentle on yourself, show up and do it even if it is tough.

  • Be ready to make a change and live a more empowered life.

  • Remember, what you put into this course is what you will get out of it.

  • We will be meeting every Monday via a zoom call to start the week off right. The zoom link and instructions on how to access this video conference site will be posted in the private Facebook group as well as the time of the meeting.
        *** If for some reason you cannot  make the call, a recording will be posted in the Facebook group so you can re-watch it.


Some tips to help the next 3 months run smoothly:

  • Get a binder to keep all your materials in.

  • The course content and videos will be available to you Sunday morning of each week so I encourage you to print off the materials and keep them all together as we will be making reference to the work you complete throughout the course.

  • Also, some of the homework are working documents and we will be referring back to them so dividing your work by weeks and with tabs might be helpful.

  • We will be having some guest speakers throughout the event to help with specific areas, these are very beneficial and valuable and I encourage you to attend. You will be notified in advance to give you time to schedule.

getting started

Before we get started and dive into changing your life, there are just two tasks you need to do first.  Completing these tasks will ensure you are ready to begin the course SAY YES TO YOU.  These two tasks are setting up a zoom account and completing the Say YES to YOU information form.  Please click on the links below to begin these tasks.

Once you have the two tasks completed, you will be ready to begin lesson one which can be accessed by clicking on the lesson and entering the password provided to you in your email.  

"Shift your focus from the past to the future."

"The future depends on what we do in the present."


Our first week together we will be learning how to goal set effectively and learn about different types of goals. Once we understand the difference of the different types of goals and how to set them we will then put these skills into action and set specific goals for different areas of our lives. 

One of the biggest things that hold us back in creating the life we have always wanted is the limiting beliefs and the story we tell ourselves. This week we will identify the limiting beliefs that we are telling ourselves and learn about the hold they are having on us. Once we are able to identify them and realize the control they have on our lives we can then learn strategies to squash them and replace them with beliefs of empowerment and happiness. 

HAPPINESS! This is the universal want, the thing we all crave for, the thing we all need but very few realize that happiness is right at our fingertips and it does not mean you have to reach goals to achieve happiness. This week we will find out what makes you tick, what brings out that happiness in you and start the process of implementing things that bring you joy back in your life.


This lesson will cover how to replace your limiting beliefs and how to change your state so your limiting beliefs no longer have control over you. We will be learning how to change the vocab we use to empower us instead of limit us.

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