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What is a W.A.L.K session?

These sessions are SPICY! Here is the thing I know about this inner work that is required to go after our goals, to have big dreams and to create something other generations have only DREAMED of...

It requires, emotional regulation, going inwards, being vulnerable, reprogramming, relearning and it means doing the work MOST people will not do. 

People often feel judged when they talk about the "shadow" side, the fears, the judgements (against ourselves and others) and all the pain that can come from doing this work.


In these sessions I offer a safe place where we walk (or snowshoe) and talk and really dive into the blocks you have. It is a way to unpack the heavy shit that we often hide and it gives you an opportunity to heal, release and move forward and go after the things you desire. 

Image by Lucas Marcomini

W - Work through your blocks

A - Alignment (with your goals, who you are, your beliefs and what you desire)

L -  Lighten the load. We normalize these emotions and allow you to release them. You don’t have to do this alone.

K - Knowledge. Gain the knowledge, tools, strategies and action steps required to move forward with INTENTION. 

What happens on a W.A.L.K.? 

Is a W.A.L.K. session right for you?

If you have been having some blocks, feeling super stuck and need a safe space to work through some mindset shifts, this is EXACTLY for you. 

The power of nature, movement and connection combined with clarity, knowledge and coaching to help you move through your blocks and instead of feeling overwhelmed, stuck and unsure, you feel connected, clear and sure of how to move forward. 


These sessions are POWERFUL and include all the ingredients for a powerful, transformational coaching session.

What is included?

Image by Annie Spratt

Guided nature walk (or snowshoe), releasing techniques, transformational coaching and nothing like it experience. 

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $199 plus taxes


(journal and beverages included)

Ready to dive in?

Due to the nature of these sessions, spaces are VERY limited. Please contact Gina to book yours today. 

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