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the expansion formula

Where confidence, money mindset, energetics and strategy meet and the results are pretty freaking incredible.

Burning the rule book about everything you know about living life and growing an aligned business. Around here we are only available for a business (and of course life) that feels good, with no BS and one we wake up happy and excited to live. Our motto?


Success With Simplicity, NOT Sacrifice.

(Psssst you get to create the rules for YOUR life + business)

                  Cue the champagne + blast the tunes because this is THE best thing you can                  do for you and your business. 


Oh hey friend, can I fill you in on a little somethin’ somethin’?


Despite what you have been told, you get to create the rules in your life and business. You get to create a wildly successful business + have a life that excites you and brings you ALL THE joy.


It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Blurring the lines and throwing in the towel on the societal norms is what we are all about around here. 

You get to have the success without the struggle

Offers that excite you and your dreamy clients.


Sippin’ lattes from the back of your car while you start your day.


Making wild impact AND income.


Taking months off at a time and still calling in the cash.


Heading for hikes with the furbaby at lunch because you want to. 

Snugglin’ with the babe and having a slow morning.


Making business work FOR you. 

Doing what LIGHTS you up and not following the crowd.


Working with THE most incredible people who are just as obsessed with your offers and services as you are.

Watching sunrises and taking it slow and doing the things you love AND still have a business that FLOURISHES

It gets to be what you want it to be AND you get to have it all!  

I have never been one to follow the rules or fit in, so why do it with business? I mean that is the vibe around here. Getting clear on what you want and unapologetically going after it WITHOUT struggle. 


It is the Expansion Formula way, ahumm YOUR way. 

It’s the new way of doing business, life and living, one that has changed my life ENTIRELY. 


A way that feels freaking good and it means not doing things that feel icky, not doing what others are doing and not feeling over-freakin'whelmed all the time.


          No more burnout (been there done that, got all the t-shirts).

          No more doing things that you know are not cool.

          No more "shoulds".

          No more trying to do it all.

          No more falling in line with doing things traditionally.


You get to keep it simple, have boundaries, enjoy the life and business you are creating, LOVE your business (but not let be the end all be all) and still create the life, impact and income you desire. 


We live in the worlds of AND's around here.


We are talking high level (Tony Robbins trained) coaching, no sugar coating mentoring, a formula that you create and only works for YOU and of course all the bells and whistles of a business that makes YOUR kinda money + impact. 


(see ya later cookie cutter strategies and one size fits all templates),

and hello to


sippin’ those lattes by the ocean, making a huge impact and feeling good about your business. Around here we rule with the heart, not the head. 

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Oh hey! I`m Gina!

Mindset + Business Mentor (and a slew of other titles). I used to be a teacher and Vice Principal for 15 years but retired to follow my passion. After some ups and downs,  I had a new appreciation of what I wanted. 


I knew I wanted to make a bigger impact. That it didn’t have to be this hard. I wanted more from life instead of the rise and grind and I had a new appreciation of how replaceable I was.

(I also wanted to pee when I wanted and not want to take unpaid leave if I needed time off IYKYK.)

My business story started with a MLM company that I grew quickly and effortlessly. My business then transitioned into something bigger and I grew my online Life Coaching Business using the same strategies. AND now? Well, I have taken what I have learned and now help others do the same, as a Mindset and Business Mentor. 


I had this nudge in my belly that things could be different. That  I could make more impact, more money, more freedom, have more fun, connect with incredible humans who wanted more too WITHOUT the struggle and hustle. 


I also wanted a more simple life. I wanted to take a step back and really enjoy life WHILE building a business that was founded around impact. A little voice was telling me that there had to be more in life and I am so glad I leaned in and listened to that calling. 


Little did I know what I could create when I took a chance on me. 




But, as I grew my business, I had to learn some hard lessons and lean into listening to my gut.  I realized there were some ICKY things going on in the business world that I was just not available for...

  • Sales strategies that felt YUCKY

  • People telling me I had to be on social media 24/7

  • Doing things that DID NOT FEEL ALIGNED

  • Begging people to be in your world and pay you

  • Cold calling with the “oh hey girl strategy”

  • Having to do sales calls ALL the time in order to bring in clients

  • Needing to over deliver and spend so much time bending over backwards and putting myself on the back burner

  • Having a million offers to cater to EVERYONE

  • Doing the whole follow/unfollow thing to grow a community

  • The copy cat strategy

  • The false illusions and inauthentic actions

  • Running a business and life and through the head and not through the heart

YUCK. I quickly realized that was no bueno for me and decided to do things MY way. 

The thing is, I am so glad that early in my business I decided to go against the grain and trust my gut. There are so many people out there telling you that you have to do  things the "right" way. Or you "should" do this. 


Not here, not The Expansion Formula way. 

imagine this...

You are confident AF, you believe in yourself and show up fearlessly.


You are creating impact + income in a way that feels GOOD and without struggle.

You have a SIMPLE strategy for YOU and can finally settle in, step into expansion and let the impact and money come instead of always trying to "figure it out".

You are selling your offers with ease and leading with your heart, not head.

You are attracting your dream clients who are ready to work with you.

You are obsessed with your offers and feel confident talking about them.

You attract, not chase. 

You have all the tools to handle the ups and downs of business and are unshakeable. 

You stop sacrificing time for money. 

You own want you want and go after it and learn how to care less about what others are saying and care more about your mission. 

Essentially my desire is to teach you ALL the things that I wish I had known when I started, and how I continue to grow using a very simple strategy, not being glued to my phone and without the struggle. 

It’s all about collapsing time and energy around our goals in THE MOST expansive way.


I also share with you THE exact tools that helped me retire from my teaching career, learn to love myself entirely and step into my confidence and grow a business that I am freaking in love with.

So what happens when you push that "I AM IN" button and step into this space and energy?


Well, in short, THE EXPANSION BEGINS. 

  • You start to find out WHO you are and learn to show up as your magnetic self

  • We pinpoint what is holding you back and learn to love yourself entirely and release old patterns

  • You step into a mindset that makes you unstoppable 

  • You learn how to sell with ease and not in a "salesly" way

  • We learn how to get behind your offers and lean into how they help others

  • Ching-ching. Your bank account starts to grow as you do your thang. 

  • Step into that “less caring about what aunt Becky has to say” ... to showing up and owning the shit out of who you are and what you are offering

  • You learn that you get to create your own damn rules and this gets to be easy (or easier than you are making it out to be)

  • You learn how to stand out instead of blending in. Hello standout factors

  • How to attract your dreamiest clients instead of chasing them

  • We talk energetics, some woo and of course strategy that creates your formula for success (It’s like the perfect combo)

  • Get over your fear of showing up on social media

  • We learn about the brain and mindset strategies so you know how to handle the lows of business (side note, this is THE thing that usually makes most people throw in the towel)

  • We learn the tools to navigate the lows of business

  • We learn to delegate and grow in an expansive way


So let me ask you…

Are YOU ready to EXPAND what is possible for you and your business and blow your own dang mind?

  • You get access to the EF curriculum for LIFE, yes you heard that right.

  • Exclusive Facebook Community for current and past Expansion Formula members.

  • 2 group HIGH LEVEL coaching calls (on Zoom) per month. Talk about EXPANSION, high level hot spot coaching, validation, activation, implementation, inspiration, accountability, tough love coaching and lighting a fire under your arse kinda vibe.

  • 1 Expansion pop up per month that will help you expand even further done through Facebook group


Investment Options: (no refunds available)

Pay In Full

$1997 + Tax

3 Monthly Payments

$677 / Month + Tax

6 Monthly Payments

$377 / Month + Tax 

the curriculum...

Module 1: Expanding Your Confidence +  Self Image

  • Learn how self care and learning to love yourself (ahumm all of yourself) is the biggest business strategy you can have

  • Cultivate unwavering confidence + belief in what you are creating and that you are worthy of it

  • Learn to recognize BS thoughts/beliefs and how to use my go to framework and strategy to reframe and step into your NEXT LEVEL energy. 

  • Tap into strategies that help when the business struggles set it… when the clients are not there, when the launch tanked, when you have an unhappy customer. 

  • How to lean into that inner child work that will unlock so much of your own inner power.

  • How to deal with that comparison thang. No more looking at others in comparison but instead of proof of possibility. 

  • How to lean into your own super powers and love every part of you so YOU are not the one who is derailing your success. 

  • Learn how to get yourself in a state of flow and peak performance.

  • Tapping into you being enough just as you ARE, in this moment.

  • Learn how to regulate your nervous system so you can actually learn, grow and apply the things we learn. Being a teacher for 15 years, I know the key how you learn effectively.

  • How to get in peak performance and be able to emotionally regulate, create and activate in all areas of business.

Module 2: Expanding the Base


  • Getting super clear on your vision, your messaging, what your expertise is and your EXPAND offer (even if you already this established)

  • Learning to create a business that is heart centred

  • Tapping into your values, getting clear on what is your important to YOU and aligning your business to match that

  • Niching down and positioning yourself to STAND OUT

  • Identifying what is holding you back and how to bypass and heal what needs to be healed to move to that next level

  • Stepping into burning the rule book, ditching what does not work and owning the SHIT out of going after what you want

  • How to OWN and EMBODY who you want to become and what you want to claim

  • How to care less about what others think and step into next level energy so nothing gets in the way 

  • Learn to tap into your intuition, trust yourself and love yourself enough to give YOU permission to go after what you want

  • Diving into what it means to "uplevel" and what is required for each level

Module (1).png
Module (2).png

Module 3: Expanding Your Business + Your Bank Account


  • You learn to set boundaries in both your life and business that are going to be EXPANSIVE for both you and your business

  • We fine tune your product suite and make sure it matches your financial goals

  • Learn how to attract THE most aligned clients

  • Learn to plug your energy leaks so you stay focused on your money making tasks

  • Identify the areas of expansion you need to tap into and active your desires a little deeper while anchoring in your next level

  • We learn all about how to ditch the sleezy sales stuff and learn a sales strategy that works for you. Pst, selling can be fun and done with total ease (like Tim Horton’s kinda ease)

  • Stand out on social media where clients are landing in your DM’s

  • Learn how to ensure your clients are taken care of in the most fun, abundant way.  No more overdelivering, being on call 24/7

  • SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY. We get rid of the messy and make sure your business is streamlined, simple and strategic 

Module 4: Expanding Your Reality


  • Develop a money mindset that blows your own freaking mind

  • How to call in more money, abundance, next level offers and opportunities that you have dreamed of

  • How to keep raising your limits and raising your money temperature

  • The inner expansion work so you stay in line with this level of expansion and stay connected to your mission, service and legacy

  • Learn to be a legit money magnet and the go to person in your industry

  • Learn how to manage your ENERGY and not your time. Burnout is not an option around here and we are all about energy in everything we do

  • Learn the 4 most potent things you need to grow your business to keep it simple but have everything you want

  • How to step into leadership and how to handle your next up-level

Module (3).png

What past particpants had to say...

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Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 12.04.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 12.02.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 12.07.22 PM.png
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Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 12.05.50 PM.png
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Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 12.04.58 PM.png

There is an app for that...

You can access your course material right from your phone where you can binge listen to hours of teachings that will give you ALL the tools you need to thrive in both your life and business. 

Doing what you love + making money while doing it is the vibe around here


But here is thing…you have to be willing to do things differently. You have to be willing to BURN THE FREAKING RULE BOOK and go all in on what feels good to YOU. 


If you are ready to ditch the overwhelm, the "shoulds" and leave the things that are draining you and step into a life and business that FEELS good, that supports your desires and lights you the HECK up, let’s go. 


I dipped my toes into the business world by starting with an MLM. Right off the bat, I knew that certain sales techniques and marketing felt ICKY. 


I had nothing to lose and decided to trust my gut and of course it worked out better than I ever imagined. 


After growing my business (and income) VERY RAPIDLY and ditching the dang rule book, of course I drew attention in my industry. 


I then transitioned into life coaching and applied the same practices and whatta ya know. BAM. The same thing happened. 


And there were others who were paying attention too and soon enough (especially around Covid), my inbox was full of DM’s with…


Ok girl, show me your ways. 


I need to make more money online, how do I do it? 


And then wham bam, thank you ma'am, my business of helping other kick ass aspiring and current entrepreneurs grow online, make money in the non sleazy way AND have time to live the life I wanted. 



Oh and not to mention I retired from my full time job as a teacher/vice principal after 15 years. 


I hate to be cliché, but...


If I can do this, SO CAN YOU. 


There was a time when I couldn’t even dream of

doing what I am doing and now my mission is so

damn big that I want all humans to feel THIS way

and be able to go after their desires. 

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  • How long is this program?
    This is a 3 month program but you have an option to renew for $97/month after the course is completed. This is a grow with you kinda program where we help you grow and expand through all the levels.
  • How do I know if this is for me?
    If you are an entrepreneurial woman who has big goals on her heart but also is craving freedom and balance for the things she loves, this is for you. The curriculum is designed to help you create a solid base and the bonuses will help you grow in the online space but we have people who join just for the mindset, habits and community. There is really nothing like this out there.
  • What if I can't make the live calls?
    Not to worry, there is a replay after every call + workshop PLUS a library of previous trainings you can binge.
  • Do I need to be making a certain amount to join?
    No way. One of my specialities is taking you from where you are at, and helping you to where you want to be. We have a wide range of incomes and businesses in this group.
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