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the expansion formula

Where confidence, mindset, energetics and strategy meet and the results are pretty freaking incredible.

Burning the rule book about everything you know about living life and growing an aligned business. Around here we are only available for a business (and of course life) that feels good, with no BS and one we wake up happy and excited to live. Our motto?


Success With Simplicity, NOT Sacrifice.

(Psssst you get to create the rules for YOUR life + business)

                  Cue the champagne + blast the tunes because this is THE best thing you can                  do for you and your business. 


Oh hey friend, can I fill you in on a little somethin’ somethin’?


Despite what you have been told, you get to create the rules in your life and business. You get to create a wildly successful business + have a life that excites you and brings you ALL THE joy.


It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Blurring the lines and throwing in the towel on the societal norms is what we are all about around here. 

You get to have the success without the struggle