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THE workshop that is going to give you clarity in your business, help you solidify your vision, break through any blocks, beliefs and bullshit you have been telling yourself that has holding you back 


We are going to have fun doing it!


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Being an entrepreneur is H-A-R-D.  It can feel overwhelming, daunting, lonely and scary as hell. 

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Our inner mean girl, critic (whatever you choose to name yours...I won't say what mine is here, lol) and imposter syndrome is the REAL deal and it can really keep us stuck if we don't have the right mindset and tools to bypass it. 

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If we aren't clear on our vision and where we want to go, it is impossible to get clear on the actions to move the needle in your business.

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I feel like I need to put that on repeat 'cause for way too long, I did NOT believe things could be different.


I had the mentality that I could (and should), do it all on my own. 

I was burning myself out on both ends.

I wasn't putting myself out there 'cause I was afraid of what people might think.

I didn't charge properly for my that I mean I gave away everything for free. Technically it was a hobby. 

I was having ZERO fun and was running around like a chicken with...well you know how that goes.

I felt like an imposter, and felt soooo alone. 

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I have put the fun back into my business.

I have a vision and have an intentional plan to reach my goals that allows for flexibility and LIGHTS me up. 

I have tripled my financial goals and they are climbing. 

I found ease in my business and a flow that feels good. 

I know how to handle my inner mean girl and have solid strategies that have helped me create an unstoppable mindset.

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We will get clarity around your business and create a vision of  how you want it to look and feel. We will match that with an individualized plan an action items. 

Your business NEED clarity. 


You will be surrounded by kick ass women who GET YOU. Who have this vision and drive, who want more from life and who are gonna support the heck out of you. 

When you are supported, you will fly. 


We are going to get clear on your blocks and finally learn how to manage that inner mean girl. I will teach you my top strategies and daily habits and have you feeling EMPOWERED and on fire as leave. We are going ALL IN.


This is no ordinary, sit down kinda workshop. This is high energy, hands on, going all in kinda day. We will have board breaking to really signify "breaking up" with your old YOU, story, beleifs and thoughts. 

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