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Email Marketing Magic

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In 30 days have an automated system to generate quality leads. Week 1: - Zoom out and cover what a funnel is, and how they work so you can connect the dots using my signature framework. - Identify your ICA and get super clear about who you want to serve and how you want to serve them so you can have intentionality with your system and not just have a bunch of offers and freebies floating around. - Dial in your ICA and get super clear with your messaging ensuring you are using the right language to speak to who you are meant to help. - "7 Layers Deep" exercise to really dial in what your ideal client needs help with. - The psychology behind sales and how to use it to help connect you to your idea client. I give you the full vision of how we create a simple system to help you attract and speak directly to your ideal customer. Week 2 : - Mistakes people make when creating your opt-in - Check-list of what you need to include in your opt-in - How to market and infuse your personality in your messaging - Technology on how to set-up and automate your opt-in to save you time and energy - Brainstorming + QandA and select your opt-in and get feedback about your opt-in title and tagline - My eyes on your opt-in to provide feedback (2 week time period) Week 3: - Ensuring you are automated and your system is ready to rock and roll - Create your growth strategy and get super clear on how you will attract new leads all while leveraging your strengths - Get your final look at your opt-in and growth strategy and get ready to test it Week 4: - Our testing phase. We get our opt-in in action and we see where the missing links are - We learn about A/B testing and how to measure our metrics and get super clear on where the gaps are - We evaluate your system and give you more feedback on what you can tweak and change Week 5: Implementation week and you get to test, retest, ask questions, get feedback and really test out your new system and growth strategy.

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Email Marketing Magic

Email Marketing Magic

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