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the business circle

Become the best in your industry and FINALLY claim that freedom you want so that you can actually enjoy the life you are building… whether that is sipping lattes by the ocean, 10am work days, 3 day work weeks or not missing a thing as your kiddos grow.

The one common thing we all have as entrepreneurs, is we have to  make money in our business, if not, we have a VERY expensive hobby.

You decided to become an entrepreneur to pursue your passion, to make an impact and to have more freedom, but you find yourself missing something. 


Let’s be honest, being an entrepreneur is NOT easy and it isn’t all it is cracked up to be. 


I know you see the shiny on instagram of being a digital nomad, setting your own hours and living the dream but growing a business is no easy task.

Hustling. Getting uncomfortable. Stretching yourself. Adapting to changes. Failures. Success. Small wins. 


It can be HARD.

We need clients. Visibility. Money. Systems. Automation. Efficiency.


The thing is, after working with hundreds (probably thousands by now), I have found the secret sauce of what separates those who succeed and those who fail. 


With my unique framework I have put together all the ingredients that I have tested and tried for you to get that success AND have that freedom.

My clients get results like…

Cathy jenkins

I recently finished a month long coaching experience with Gina and WOW, the transformations I experienced both personally, emotionally and within my business were remarkable!
Gina met me where I was at, which was feeling a little lost and
overwhelmed. She led me on a journey that shone a light on parts of me that needed to be seen, felt and healed that ultimately proved to be the key ingredients to help meflourish both personally and in my business life.

Jessica B

"Having Gina by your side on your business journey is like having a Biz Bestie who actually CARES about YOU, not only about your success, but your overall wellbeing!
She truly gives so much time, love and patience with her clients, and embodies EVERYTHING you want in a Business Mentor."

Amanda Dawe

It is hard to put into words my incredible experience with Gina!
The positive impact on my business was immediate.
Gina helped me get clear on my goals, re-igniting my passion. Gina took the ideas in my head and made them real. Not only does she possess the greatest of coaching skills, but her compassion and understanding are felt every step of the way. Gina celebrated every success with me! I will be working with Gina throughout my career!

and YOU can have these kind of results too!


While business can be hard, it’s up to you how hard you make it. 


There are two paths to success…

Colorful Creative Concept Map.png

Inside the Business Circle you wilL...

become an unstoppable entrepreneur who can handle all the ups and downs of business with grace. You will make more money, make more contacts and be the go to person in your industry.


You will learn to increase your credibility, cash flow and client results being that go to person that people are lining up to work with. 


What if you discovered how to do all this while having more freedom and impact. 

Imagine what your business would feel like if you...

had clients lined up to work with you and raving fans shouting your praises

bank account no longer felt like a dark hole and your savings started increasing?

learned how to work smarter, not harder and have systems in place

quality of life increased and you had more time to slow down, work shorter work weeks and enjoy life

How would this impact your business?

Business (1).png


we give you all the tools and my unique framework to finally create a business that feels good. 


It’s time to stop throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping it sticks, to stop blending in and be that unicorn in your industry. 

What’s included:

besides the expansive community with the most epic women doing epic things and your own hype crew?

Typing on a Computer

High Level Coaching

Take the hot seat twice a month and collapse time around your goals. These sessions take away the guesswork so you can focus on your business growth. 

Sales. Systems.  Mindset. Your offers. Efficiency. Mindset. Working smarter. Peak performance. 

Nothing is off limits.

Online Shoes Shopping

Member Highlights

The intention behind this group is to highlight as many women as possible. You will have a chance to shine and share your expertise and be recognized for your unique strengths. Each month we will be doing member highlights AND opportunties to teach within the group. 

Women in Jewelry Workshop

Facebook Community

The ultimate experience with high level women.

Support, networking, collaborations are all born by being around the right women. 

This will be THE community to be in for your expansion. 

Female Presenter

Monthly Surprises

Each month we will have different pop ups including coffee and connection calls, guest trainings, pop speed networking and so much more. 

These sessions are perfect for expanding your network, possible collaborations and brand awareness. 

Laptop & Coffee

Cash Flow Calls

Our cash flow is in our consistency. Each month we will have a monthly plan session to ensure you are taking action on your money making tasks using my signature framework.  


This is the ultimate accountability and clarity you need to take action on the RIGHT tasks and give you the freedom you want.

Group Lecture

Local Chapter Perks

If you are local, we are also adding some fun things for you as well. These will rotate on theme and activities but will involve an in person component. 

We are combining business growth + networking + empowerment and will  be a fan favourite. 

The business world is growing more than ever which means it’s more important than ever to stand out in your market

Business Circle Investment

Navy Blue Modern Pricing Table Comparison Graph.png

*3 month minimum*

Inside the business circle we are creating freedom focused businesses with big impact.

You became an entrepreneur to build income and impact and now is your time to claim it. Inside the Business Circle is how you finally make it happen. 

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