Accessing Workshops

We will be using a program called ZOOM to access our live workshops. 

What you need to do....

1.) Create your FREE zoom account using the link below (You will need a phone, computer or tablet for this)

2.) If you are using your phone, you will need to download the app

3.) Once your account is created, 5-10 minutes prior to the call, click on the ACCESS CALL NOW button on top of Workshop Page. 

Learning to trust and let go while taking inspired action. We hold onto so much tension, stress and worry and this workshop will help you let go of that worry. 

April 2020 - EASE and JOY

This month is all about EASE and JOY as we navigate these challenging waters. 

March 2020 - Declutter Your Life

This month we are looking close at decluttering your life both physically and emotionally. Let`s dive in and see where we can improve and start owning our time and our environment. 

February 2020 - Love `Yo Self

February we are diving into loving yourself, getting clear on what makes you happy and making that shit happen. Here is what you will need for the month:

- Workbook for the workshop

- Self Love Meditation

- Affirmations (included in workbook)


When you are truly at peace and in touch with yourself.Nothing anyone says or does bothers you and no negativity can touch you.

The Happiness Project

Using Gretchin Rubin`s book "The Happiness Project" as a guide, we will be creating our very own happiness projects. All the resources you will need PLUS the recordings can be found here. 

Self-Care Workshop

May 21st Live Workshop at 8:00 pm. 

Come and join us and learn about self-care, how to do it, why to do it and what you are missing out on. 

Overcoming Fear

Tuesday, April 29th at 8:00pm.

How to overcome our fears and learn how to conquer them and move forward. 

Getting Out of The Funk

This workshop is all about getting out that funk.  

Click on the image below for the replay. 

Owning Your Power Around People Who are Negative!

We all need this ladies. 

Join us June 27th, 2018 at 8:30pm for this workshop. 

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