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Well in short, it is an empowering community of entrepreneurs that support, connect, encourage, learn, collaborate and grow together in their respective businesses. It is a safe place to learn all about how to grow your online business, how to collaborate with other like minded business people AND a place where learning and community is at the forefront. This community is here for YOU, to help you in all the areas of your business and to give you a sense of community that is sometimes lost in the entrepreneur world. 

Monthly workshops and guest speakers on a variety of business related topics
Small, mastermind breakout groups for accountability and goal setting
Online directory to post your business and services you provide
Supportive online community that fosters growth and accountability
Bi-weekly, virtual power hours that enhance productivity and work flow
An ideal environment for collaboration, feedback, support and empowerment
A library of resources and workshop recordings
And so much more

I am a Life and Business Mentor and my goal is to empower entrepreneurs to create a life and business of clarity, confidence and intent. Over the past few years, I have been looking for a community that offers a specific number of things to help me grow and be supported in a business I am so passionate about. I have not been able to find one. So, after speaking to so many new and experienced entrepreneur friends I realized how big of a need this community is. Running a business can feel so lonely sometimes and having a community that fosters support, growth, collaboration and empowerment is so important. So, I made it my mission to create this community and to offer a safe space to dream big, to learn and to lead in our respective fields. 

(Q) Is there a recurring fee each month?

(Q)Will we be able to advertise our services?

Yes AND No.

If you purchase the whole entire year to receive the discount then NO. You would only have the 1 time payment. 

If you choose to do the monthly payments, then yes, each month you would be charged the monthly fee. 

Absolutely. We will be doing monthly features of your upcoming services of what you have to offer.

There will also be opportunities to be a guest speaker in the group so you can show case your talents. 

(Q) Is this group specifically for online business?

Most of the content being taught will be directed more so for bringing your business online. If any part of your business is digital, then this community can be benefical for you .

(Q) I don't work fulltime in my business, can I still benefit from this?

100 % YES. This community is great for entrepreneurs of all levels and we will help you where ever you are currently in your business. There are no status requirements. 

(Q) Is this group MLM friendly?

Abso-freaking-loutely. In fact, it is the PERFECT place to be if you are a network marketer and looking to authentically grow your business. 

Will the workshops be recorded?

Absolutely. You will have access to an online portal where all recording and trainings will be available at your finger tips.