Say YES to YOU!

Hey Empowered Woman, 

Let`s get real for a minute and have a heart to heart and let me ask you a serious question.


What does LEVEL UP mean to you?


Does it mean standing up for yourself instead of being walked over?


Does it mean going for something you have been scared to go for?


Does it mean saying yes to YOU instead of quietly putting your wants on the back burner?


Does it mean stepping up your health and making choices that make you feel dang good?


Does it mean not settling and knowing you deserve better?


Does it mean embracing who you are and loving yourself entirely?


Does it mean to be confident?


Whatever it means to you, it is time to LEVEL up. It is time to go for it. `Cause beautiful, you have been playing small for way too long and now is the time to own your power, step into it and make shit happen.


My new mantra is “choose courage over comfort” and I want you, empowered woman, to do the same. I want to help you find that fire inside and decide to LEVEL THE HECK UP.


Hi, i`m Gina Keeping, The Empowered Woman Coach

I help women create a life of clarity, confidence and intent.

So nice to meet you!

So why the Say yes to You course?

Well, let me be real with you for a second.

I have been through my share of hardships.

  • I know loss

  • I know pain

  • I know burnout

  • I know anxiety

  • I know what it feels like to play it safe and not go for it

  • I know what settling looks like

  • I know what it feels like to be alone

  • I know how hard it is to do the work that needs to happen to get clarity, to heal and to move past those pain points.

It took a heck of a lot of pain to teach myself, to learn and to create a space where I can teach and help others skills and tools that helped me. `Cause let`s face it, when I was going through my hard times, I was my advocate. I didn`t have someone to help me, guide me and point me in the right direction and I don`t want you to have the same experience as me. 

So, I want to give what I didn`t have, to you. Yes, you. 

Here is what people have said about doing courses with me...

Sara Peckford

I am really happy that I decided to put me first and it's really great that I opened up and got real with myself. Throughout this course,  I have learned a lot about myself that I don't think I would have figured out on my own without some help/guidance.

Jennifer Spencer

I've always strived towards self improvement yet more than I'd like to count, I haven't continued the changes long term or never quite made it to that final goal. When I read about Gina's coaching, I was interested in learning new techniques and strategies to help guide me to be the best me I could be. I joined Gina and a group of amazing women in the course Say Yes to You and I've learned so much as a result. Just to name a few; I've set and achieved goals, I have become more organized, I've improved my time management, I feel better about myself, and things continue to improve.

Deanne Brosnan

Gina has helped me identify behaviours, habits, routines and thought patterns that were sabotaging my every decision, steering me awry at every turn. However, it didn’t stop there. Gina also taught me how to begin changing these things with real, tangible, attainable strategies, goal-setting and skills. 

What can you expect from this 3 month interactive, group coaching course?

This course is interactive, in depth and will help you create the life  you have been wanting. 

Here is what is included:

  • Weekly lessons that include in depth teachings and homework to accompany each lesson.

  • Weekly virtual calls that is lesson based to help you understand the teachings and keep you accountable. 

  • Communication, assistance and accountability with your coach, Gina through an app called VOXER. You will be able to ask questions, seek support, access accountability to reach your goals and motivation along the way.

The content that you will be learning will be combined with your individual goals which we will set at the beginning of the course. The content that will be covered includes, but not limited to:

  • Effective goal setting techniques

  • Goal tracking systems to help keep you on track

  • Identify your limiting beliefs and really dig into your subconscious thoughts and see why it is you are being held back

  • Strategies on how to break these limiting belief patterns

  • How to implement a successful morning routine to set you up for success

  • We learn about the 6 basic human needs and identify your top 2 basic human needs that drive your every day behaviours

  • Learn DBT strategies that can help you in your every day life including anxiety, depression and other effective tools

  • Learn how to be your true authentic self, how to continue to build confidence and crush your fears that have been holding you back for way too long


If you want to learn more about what we will be covering, feel free to reach out and we can chat about if this course is right for you. 


Gina's honesty and realness is a special gift. She's not afraid of her past and doesn't pretend that her present is all sunshine and unicorns. This is why she's so effective. She gives course participants more than I've experienced in other courses that have cost way more. The time she spends listening to each participant during the weekly calls makes this course unique and helps us grow. She's created such a safe, supportive environment that I couldn't have found elsewhere. I'm so grateful and definitely recommend The Year of You to anyone who needs an empathetic ear, tools that actually work, and a group of people you can feel safe with.


Gina's passion and enthusiasm for helping others shines through in everything she does. She's gentle and supportive in her approach but delivers a swift kick when you need it to help keep you on track with what you want to achieve. Gina is no pretender to overcoming adversity - she's as real as it gets, and she uses her experiences to help you make real change in your own life. Gina is a gem of a person, and you'll never regret having her in your corner and in your life.


Before I started the life coaching I was really at a crossroads. I wanted to commit to positive change and life growth in a major way.  Almost synchronistically, I came across Gina and learned about her coaching business.


It’s been less than two months but she’s already coached me through massive breakthroughs: she pushed me to access the courage, self love and self respect I needed to bring closure to a toxic relationship;  she helped me come directly to terms with emotional issues of my past, in a public and extremely cathartic manner; and lots more, but hey, we're still just getting started!


I can only imagine what the year will bring, ‘cause her help’s truly been transformational so far, and I'm truly grateful. She’s earned and won my trust and deep respect, which is no small matter! She’s the real deal!!!

Ready to take the plunge and join us?

Early bird registration is NOW open for a very limited time. Because you completed the free course, this offer is only for you lovely ladies for a very short period of time.  

The cost of this 6  month course is $700.00 in FULL or $240.00 monthly. 

The early bird registration includes:

  • 3 month course

  • 1 VIP planning session 

  • 3 months of the Tribe of Empowering women. A fantastic membership where we do monthly trainings, weekly live videos and access to my library of resources which is upgraded monthly.

  • An Empowerment goodie bag with lots of goodies

Important, this offer only stands until Sunday, September 1st at 12:00 pm NL time.  Price will bump up to the original price of $850.00 and the early bird extra items will not be available.


**Please note I only accept 10 participants for this course. **

If you are ready and willing to put the work in and change your life, click on the best option for you below.

START DATE: Sunday, September 15th, 2019.