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Trying to reach a goal without the proper mindset is going to set you up for failure.

Oh boy, can I ever relate.

Everyone thinks motivation is the key to success but I say a HECK NO to this. Mindset is the key to success. You can push and push to reach a goal and want it so bad but if your mindset around it isn’t strong, you aren’t going to achieve it. Let’s talk this out. I will use health and fitness for an example as everyone seems they can relate. Let’s say you want to get healthier (and let’s be clear, I am NOT talking about a number on the scale). Maybe you have had a stressful moment, covid happened and you feel that you want to refocus on your health so you can start feeling better. This is a fantastic goal by the way. Your health is your wealth and working on being healthy is so important. Scenario 1: you move your body because you love it and you are grateful it can move. When things get challenging you take the approach of; this is me getting stronger and it is totally ok to be walking up this hill and out of breath. Every step means I get stronger. I am going to be gentle with myself and take one step every day to improve my health. Scenario 2: you move your body because you hate the way it looks and Aunt Mabel told you it looks like you have weight on. So you exercise with anger, disappointment and hate. When you walk up that hill and are out of breath, you beat yourself up, you give yourself a hate bash and bring yourself to tears because you can’t believe you let yourself get here. You tell yourself this is terrible. I hate doing this. I hate how I look. I hate how I feel. I am never going to get back to where I was. Which scenario do you think will set you up to actually work on your goal? Which scenario is going to push you to keep going? Which scenario is the better approach? Which scenario is going to be IMPOSSIBLE to maintain? I will let you answer that one but for me and based on my past experiences, when I changed my mindset, my goals became easier to achieve. When I hated on myself, compared myself to others, beat myself up, my goals were so much harder to achieve and at times I gave up the goal altogether because it was heavy. But when I changed my approach, my mindset and what I told myself… this was the game changer. So how do you change a mindset that you have been carrying around with you your whole life? You start small. You challenge your mindset. You begin to recondition your brain. You start to rewire your brain differently. You challenge old thought patterns and create new ones. You start practicing successful habits that help you develop that mindset. Truth bomb, it takes work but it is totally worth it. The mindset you are holding onto has helped you cope in the past, but right now, is it still working for you? Are you beating yourself up? Are you breaking promises to yourself? Are you comparing yourself to others? Are you reaching your goals? Are you putting yourself dead last? Are you feeling stuck? Deep breath, beautiful. I know this is scary. I know looking deep inside is painful. I know asking for help and trying something new seems impossible and you might be telling yourself that there is no way you are going to be able to achieve anything because of all the excuses you have on bust. But I promise you this, on the other side of this fear is something beautiful. If you are ready to put the work in and to finally put that inner mean girl, that inner ego to bed, I got you. I specifically developed this 40 day program to help you create that mindset. I have helped so many people dive into this who struggled with mindset, who had so many skills but was being held back by their thoughts, I knew that I had to make this accessible to everyone. I believe in this so deeply and all I want for you is the best. I have been there, got the T-shirt and want to save you some pain and help you create a mindset that can help you to finally reach those goals. To finally feel good and let go of those thoughts that have been holding you back for way too long. I am sending you all the love and am here for you if you want to take that step. The link is below if you feel inclined and you want to start implementing these habits into your daily routine and finally start to feel better about yourself and to start going for what you want, no guilt attached. Sending you ALL the love, xx G

For more info about the 40 Day Program, click HERE. Doors close on Friday.

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