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After the burnout....

I remember the feeling of burnout, anxiety, PTSD and depression all too well. For those who have felt it or have been there, you know the feeling.

The despair. The emptiness. The struggle. The pain. The aloneness.

It is like you are stuck inside an invisible force. You can’t move but have no idea what is holding you back. You can feel the barriers but have no idea how to face it because you can’t physically see it, but boy can you ever feel its strength.

That feeling, that moment for me was when my life changed and life threw me a curveball I wasn’t ready for. It forced me to stumble backwards, look deeply at my wounds and I had to take a real good look at my life and where I was. This was no easy task as wearing masks was my guilty pleasure and being the YES person was my validation and my identity. To be honest, I wore the title of people pleaser like a badge of honour.

I would wear myself soooo thin to please others, to not rock the boat and to make sure everyone liked me. I would give, give and give until I had nothing left inside. I would smooth everything over at the sacrifice of silencing my voice, my needs and wants thinking it was ok to put me last. Little did I know that by keeping the rocky waters at bay on the outside, I was brewing a storm on the inside... One that wouldn't pass quickly.

After I hit my rock bottom and started to pull myself out of my dark hole, I had to take a real hard look at my life, my habits, my actions and what damage I was doing to myself. YES! I had to take ownership of where I was because I had a part to play and pointing the finger at someone else was not going to get me anywhere.

With the help of a fantastic team I started to put my life back together, piece after piece. Except this time, the pieces didn't all fit. There were some pieces that were missing, there were new ones added and it was a struggle trying to make a picture whole where the pieces have changed and no longer put together a puzzle I knew.

Side note: Ever try to put a puzzle together with missing pieces or pieces of another puzzle? Or have two puzzles mixed together not knowing which pieces belonged where? Yeah, just as frustrating and difficult as that.

As I began to put my life back together, I started to study and learn about what had happened to me and how to find those so-called pieces. This involved studying, learning, reading and immersing myself in getting better. During the process I started to learn and apply some REALLY amazing tools. Tools that made me feel like a version of myself. There was a long time I had lost sight of who I was and didn't recognize the woman looking back at me in the mirror. Strategies that helped put my anxiety to bed and habits that brought me from my darkest days to finally seeing the joy around me once again.

As I started to apply these things, my life slowly came back together and I started to rebuild a new version of GINA.

BUT, this new version was different. This new version, while getting used to her was a challenge, was so much stronger, kinder to herself and was stepping into who she really was. You see the thing with wearing so many masks is that you forget who you are when the masks are off.

To be corny and raw as possible, these habits made me realize and step into who I really was and they changed my life. As I started to share what I was doing, people were noticing a difference. Some for the good and some for the bad (I lost a lot of friends and family during the process).

I started to share what I was doing and during the healing, helping and sharing, a business was formed. One where I helped people through similar circumstances, one where I helped people find themselves, one where I was helping people step into who they truly were and one where I empowered women not to settle and to go bigger in life.

These strategies have helped so many people find themselves again. To rediscover who they are. To challenge their limits that they placed on themselves and to help them grow to better versions of themselves. These tips, tools and strategies work. There is no doubt, which is why I have created this course; to help as many people as I can take off the many masks and to finally step into their brilliance and shine like they are supposed too.

I say this with the risk of sounding corny but I couldn’t speak any truer words which is why I have put all these together to create something pretty amazing to help you. This course will begin a transformation of how you look at yourself, how you go forward in your days and how to finally start peeling back the layers and shed the ones that are no longer serving you. If you want to learn more and want to join us, (which I highly recommend you do), click on the link below to secure your spot and begin the transformation today.

Stop waiting for it to “get better”, stop waiting for the “perfect time”, stop playing the "when game"….when I ______ than I will invest in myself and stop suffering alone.

The only person that is going to pull you up, straighten your crown, cheer you on and change your life is you…. Well, I will be right there with you too but you have to take the first step.

Take the chance, take the leap and decide to go for it and put you first today because you are soooo worth it.

Lots of love,



Click here to learn more about this course and to sign your beautiful self up.

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