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Why Being Positive is Not Always The Answer!

Why just being positive is not always the answer!

If you have followed my journey over the last year, you have often heard me talk about being positive, looking at the bright side and being optimistic. I do stand true to all of these testimonials but I would be lying if I said this is always the answer.

You see, we all have shitty days, days where things aren't going our way, days where we are faced with some challenging things, or our energy is low and putting one foot in front of the other is almost impossible. Yes, you can choose to look at things in a positive note and look at the amazing things in your life BUT some days, you just have a plain, shitty, no good for nothing kind of day.

As much as I promote living a healthy, happy, positive lifestyle, I also promote being real and calling it as it is. Stuffing down your emotions and not dealing with them is not a productive or healthy way to live. Truly, everyone has those god forsaken shitty days and I say, EMBRACE THEM.

Say what? Yup, you heard me.

There are some days where I just need to chill, to binge watch Netflix and eat chips. But here is the kicker people, we don't do it EVERY day. We allow ourself those few days to just feel what we are feeling, go through the emotions, but the bottom line is that we ALWAYS pick ourselves back up and get back on the train. I call it the 24 hour method. I give myself 24 hours to feel what I am feeling, to embrace “the shitty” and then move on.

Life is never going to be perfect, nor should it be. We will always have trials and tribulations, we will always have days where things just don't work out. As soon as one problem is solved, often another one awaits. On those days, do your best to be the glass full kinda person, shift your perspective, look at the beauty around you and appreciate the amazing things you have in your life. BUT, also give yourself those days where if you just need to rest, need to be neutral or just feel the way you feel, you give yourself them.

Stuffing your feelings down won`t solve anything. We grow from our problems, they are the force of action, pain forces us to change and takes us out of our comfort zone. In the midst of change you need to face your fears, face your emotions but don't let them control you all the time.

The key to being happy is not to be positive all the time, it is to be able to handle these curveballs that are thrown us, not to dress them as positivity and sunshine and pretend they don't exist. Being happy means embracing the good and the bad and moving forward despite what life hands us. Be assured, there will always be challenges, that is life, but how you handle these challenges and these obstacles is the key to where happiness lies.

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