get connected

Get connected is a movement that Gina Keeping and Tammy King have created to give back to women who are struggling and need a weekend away to recharge, reconnect and give some much needed love back to themselves. 

Gina is a Life and Business Mentor, motivational speaker, retreat host, proud mom, optimist, blogger, athlete, sunrise seeker, nature lover, teacher, lover of laughter and pottery enthousiast. When she isn't doing what she loves you can find her on the trails, at her favorite coffee shops and having deep, soulful conversations. 

Gina has a deep passion to help others and to give back to others in every and any way possible.

Tammy is a Total Body Health Coach, mom of 2, motivational speaker, lover of life, mental health advocate, athlete, goal crusher and has a mission to empower women and moms to be the best version of themselves. 

Tammy has a passion for helping others, for giving back, for living life to the fullest and being the best mom she can be by living by example. Her drive to do this is second to none and is evident in everything she does. 

Giving back is a huge part of our mission as business women and we realize that people are hurting in these challenging times. We also recognize people are feeling disconnected, stressed and overwhelmed so we want to give back and help some of these amazing women GET CONNECTED again.

Prepare yourselves because our tag line for this event is #getconnected and we want this feeling of connection to be normalized and embraced.

SO, we are so excited to announce that we are offering a FREE weekend retreat to some amazing women to help them GET CONNECTED.

BUT, this is where you guys come in. We know the ladies who really need this will not step up and say "ME PLEASE", but we also know that there is an amazing, empowered woman in YOUR life who could use this weekend away.

SO, if you know an amazing woman who could benefit from a weekend of connection, please take a moment and nominate her.

She deserves this so much and we wanna love on her and give her a weekend full of self love, self care and connection.

The process is easy….

#1  Nominate

Click on the button below and nominate an amazing woman who could use this weekend away.

#2 We make contact  

Once you nominate your amazing nomination, we will get in contact with her to see if she qualifies for the weekend event.

Please note, DOORS CLOSE FOR NOMINATION ON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13th, 2020 at 5:00 pm, so act now and get that deserving woman in your life nominated.

Location: Green's Harbour

Date: November 27, 28 and 29 (2 Nights)

Cost: Free (this one is on us)

This event is all about connection. Our main focus is spoiling these ladies and getting them connected with themselves, others and nature. Our weekend includes self-care rituals, intentional movement, mindset work, learning to have fun again, relaxation, great food, fun and a giant reset so they can come back feeling refreshed and energized after putting themselves on the back burner for way too long. They will also walk away with tangible tools on how to take care of themselves from a total body health approach and learn how to put themselves first so they don't fall back into habits that contribute to burnout and exhaustion. We want these ladies to feel empowered and connected and have this as their new norm. 

This Event would not be possible without all of our sponsors

the natural emporium
ruby beaumont art
paula & geoff tessier
first general 
nia on the rock
Evan bursey Affordable Limousines

are you a business owner and would like to donate to this fantastic cause? if so, please reach out. we would love your support to help make this weekend a memorable one!