You are an empowered woman!

lesson 1: let the magic begin

Module 1, Lesson 1, the start of an epic 3 months together. The start of change. The start of growth. The start of no longer settling. BRAVO!

Our first lesson is going to be all about establishing our goals, revisiting (or finding out) our 6 Basic Human needs and finding out what makes you tick to ensure I give you what you need. Our major goal is to see what we are working with so we can build from there. Naturally, the first lesson is going to be a lot of work. We want to start off this 3 months together strong so we are ready to go ALL IN. 

So, first things first. I need you to fill out this form to ensure I am able to help you best with our one to on coaching calls. Knowing what you need and where you are right now will help me best help you. There will be some challenging questions, ones that you have probably not thought about before, but please take some time to think about your answers. 

The next thing I want you to do is to complete the 6 Basic Human Needs quiz. If you have already done this with me in a previous course, I don`t want you to look at your first one before you complete this one. You can compare it after you are done. I will post the results of the quiz after our Monday night call. 

Remember to answer honestly and be gentle with yourself. You might notice some feelings coming up, you might feel emotional, your ego might sneak in and try and convince you to change your answer but it is imperative that you answer as honestly as you can to find out where you are so we can kick ass and move forward. 

Ok, we are almost done, the last thing I want you to do is to complete this 2018 review. I want to get an idea of what went down with you, what were your highlights and how your year went. Understanding where you are is the first step to moving forward. 

"Believe in your future self."

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