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Are you looking for someone to hold you accountable in a positive and supportive way?


Do you have SOOO many things you want to work on but no idea where to start?


Are you searching for a safe and encouraging community that will help you UP YOUR GAME?


Are you ready to start crushing your to do list?


Do you want to learn new tips, tools and strategies to help?

I got you covered!

 You are not alone...

During my 15 year career as an educator I have heard from countless people looking for the same help and guidance. So I asked myself, how can I help?  As a life mentor I have experience organizing supportive online groups and as a business person and mentor, I have developed countless strategies to increase productivity and smash my goals. To learn about me, click here. 


Light bulb moment, why not have your cake and eat it too. 


What if there was a platform that gave people the best of both worlds?  Boom, Mastermind was born Mastermind will help you step up, say buh-bye to those excuses and get things DONE like dinner. 

I guarantee you are going to be feeling so great, learning so much and crushing your goals in no time. 

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It is a group of like-minded individuals who come together to collectively reach a goal. There is a synergy that is created as a powerful community of energy, encouragement, commitment and excitement works to achieve and accomplish an intention. We raise the bar for each other, we challenge one another, we hold each other accountable we are catalysts for one another`s growth. 

It is my mission to help you curb that procrastination and start reaching your goals both personally and in your business. I want to share my tips and tools that have made me a GOAL SETTING QUEEN, keep you accountable and have you slaying goals like Buffy. You with me?

Sounds great, right?

Even better news! I am offering you a FULL WEEK of this awesome goodness for FREE. Yup, you heard me, FREE. 

Daily Accountability 

My best tools, tips and strategies on productivity

Do`s & don`ts of getting stuff done

How to find the balance and maintain healthy habits both personally and professionally

Daily accountability

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Weekly information sessions

Weekly power hour sessions

Tips and tools on how to set goals and achieve them

Your own personal cheerleader to encourage you and push you

You ready for this?

Start Date: June 1st, 2020

Duration: 4 weeks (1st week is free)

Opt-in: Sign up for your FREE week below OR if you want more than 1 week and ready to go all in and UP YOUR GAME, check out the options available to join for the FULL 4 weeks. 

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*** Check your e-mail for your confirmation and more details ***

Sign Up Now
In other words? We lift each other up and support the heck out of each other as we set and achieve our goals. 
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