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Module 3 - Lesson 1

Learning Goal:

This lesson, we begin by learning which of our 6 human needs we value the most and learn more about each need and how to balance our life and ensure we are meeting all of our needs in a positive and effective way.

As we discussed in a previous lesson, we will be taking a closer look at our 6 basic human needs. We will be identifying what our top two are and take note on how we are meeting these needs. We will also discover new ways to meet those needs after analyzing exactly where we fall.

Here is a quick review of the 6 basic human needs.


The 6 basic human needs are:


1.) Certainty: Everybody wants stability surrounding their basic necessities - food, shelter, etc. When people are unable to control their physical circumstances they seek certainty through a peace of mind (religious or positive outlook.)

2.) Uncertainty or Variety: People have a need to change their state, to move their body and experience a variety of emotions. Variety can be achieved by stimuli, change of scenery, physical activity, mood swings, entertainment, food, etc.

3.) Significance: Everyone wants to feel special and important in some way. They seek significance through recognition from others.

4.) Love/Connection: Humans need to feel connected with someone or something. Connection may take the form of love or an intense engagement. These engagements are not necessarily positive, they can be in form of aggression and other types of emotions.


5.) Growth: Everything in our universe is either growing or dying.


6.) Contribution: People cannot feel fulfilled unless they are contributing to others as well.



The importance of understanding how YOU meet YOUR 6 human needs:



- All dysfunctional behaviours arise from the inability to consistently meet these six needs.


- Understanding these needs, and which ones you are trying to meet in any given moment, can help you create new patterns that lead to lasting fulfillment and put a stop to self-sabotage.

Your homework


For this weeks homework, we are going to complete the 6 human needs test and see where you score in each area. This will give you an idea of what you value the most, how you are meeting your needs in a positive or negative way and what areas we need to work on.


I have attached in the PDF section:


1.) The 6 human traits test


2.) The scoring sheet.


As always, answer these questions honestly to get the most accurate results possible.




On next weeks call we will do an interpretation on your results and we can begin the shift and understand why we are acting the way we do. I will also provide to you in written form the results of the interpretation after we have completed the test and the scoring. So, please let me know when you are done and I will send them your way.


"All dysfunctional behaviours arise from the inability to consistently meet our six human needs."

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