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Module 2 - Lesson 4

Learning Goal:

How to organize and optimize your schedule.


This week we will be actually implementing actions into your schedule. We will learn how to organize your week and how to optimize your time and ensure you are doing things you love and things that enhance your day to day lives. Planning is the key!


One of the ultimate excuses is “I don't have time”. Truthfully, we all have the same 24 hours in each day, it is how we use them and how we make sure our time aligns with our goals, values and our priorities



“If it is important to you, you will make time!”



Tips on how to plan your week,


1.) Write down what is most important to you in your life. What are your deepest values and beliefs? What do you want to achieve throughout the week? Revisit your goals and make sure you are implementing steps towards reaching your goals.​

2.) Create a schedule every Sunday evening for the upcoming week. Sit down in a quiet place in your home while reflecting on what is most important to you. Refer to your daily reminders, your goals and your affirmations. Having a planner is a great way to make sure you get organized. My go to is the Passion Planner.

3.) While looking at your calendar for the upcoming week, have a pad of paper handy so you can write down notes on tasks, assignments, chores, time for yourself, and time for your spouse (I call this a brain dump) . Literally, we are going to schedule everything in.

4.) Decide what needs to get done, such as assignments, chores, deadlines, and meetings. Put all of this in your calendar. It’s important that you have a set time frame for tasks like going to the grocery store or getting something done for work. We tend to get distracted, so having a set time frame for each will help you stay focused. Understand that things will pop up unexpectedly.

5.) Create fulfilling routines. Fulfilling routines are routines that will help you live a more fulfilling and rewarding life. These routines are both for your personal care and also for rejuvenating your marriage. On our call tonight I will share with you my morning and nighttime routine that I do to ensure I am productive and am doing everything in my power to live a full, empowering life.

6.) Think of different fulfilling routines that you can start in your life that will make you feel more relaxed, peaceful and happy. You may want to revisit your goals and see what you can put into this routine. This may be walking in the morning, talking with your spouse at the dinner table with the television off, working out, date nights with your spouse, reading, writing, meditating, spending time with friends, or as simple as enjoying nature. When it comes to living a fulfilling and rewarding life, it’s important to have fulfilling routines that rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul as well as rejuvenating your marriage. It is NOT all about having a massive to do list, it is about enhancing your quality of life and making sure you do things that supplement this.

7.) Once your schedule is set and your routines are established, it’s important for you to see your schedule on a daily basis. I suggest that you print out your calendar and have it visible throughout the week. Since most of us have laptops, having the weekly schedule on our screen will be helpful for you to take a look at every time you log in. For me, I am a paper/pencil person so having a physical planner works for me. You  have to find what works for you and use it.

8.) At the end of each day, reflect on what you enjoyed doing. This will help you be grateful of each day and ultimately live a more fulfilling life.

Here are some things that I do that help make my life easier and help me stick to my goals, have those fulfilling routines and enhance the quality of my life:

  • I find it really helpful to have my workout clothes (and work clothes) prepared and ready to go the night before so I don’t feel rushed in the morning.

  • I have my smoothies already prepared in freezer baggies so I can grab and go

  • I have my lunch made the night before so there is no guess work in the mornings.

  • I plan my meals for the week on a Sunday so I don`t have the stress of wondering what to eat throughout the week (Health and fitness are important goals for me)

  • I plan my week on Sundays. I make a “Must do list” and a “May do” list. This helps me visualize things I MUST do and plan them out the week.

  • I wake up early (gah I know, I hated it at first too). But by waking up early this is what I accomplish (workout, meditation, gratitude journal, positive affirmations, personal development reading (20-30 pages), a good breakfast, get my posts done in the morning for my groups, solidify my to do list and revisit my goals for the day.

This is an infographic that shows step by step  how to organize your week and then each day. This strategy works best for me, if you have something different that might work for you that is perfectly ok as long as you are setting actions and makings steps toward your goals.














Yes, this may take a little bit of prep time in advance but it the best way to ensure you schedule everything in, especially your steps to get you closer to your goals and to enhance your quality of life.


“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”


There is a reason why this quote is so popular.

I don`t have you sold yet about planning? Here are some advantages of planning:

1.) Gives direction​

2.) Focuses your attention on objectives and results

3.) Makes objectives more clear

4.) Helps you to focus in on your goals

5.) Takes away guess work

6.) Organizes your thinking

7.) Helps plan your actions clearly

8.) Ultimately saves time and increases productivity.

Your homework:

1.)  Establish HOW you will plan. Will you use a paper/pencil approach, digital or even both? Remember you can try a few things out and see what works best for you. I tried out so many different ways to finally find out what worked for me.

2.) Take some time this week to get familiar with the organization process. You can look at these examples of to do lists, use them, create your own or find another one that works for you.

3.) This week is all about planning. You will take time this week to organize your week and include all your action steps and you will post your finished copy in the Facebook group when you are done.


  • You will notice there are several PDF's this week. One for the to do list templates, one for the passion planner example and of course your homework templates.


"You are capable of amazing things!"

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