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Module 1 - Lesson2

By now, you should have your goals completed in all the areas indicated in your downloadable PDF. If you are struggling with identifying your goals, reach out to me and I can help you. I also think that the first part of this lesson will help solidify your goals.


Once you have them completed, please send me a copy of your goals. As always, this is confidential and I will not share these with anyone. You can take a picture or scan them and email them to me at Once I have a copy of your goals, we will set up a one on one call and we will develop an action plan together.

The second step of your homework was to post those goals somewhere where you can see them. The more visible the better. I want you to share with the group (Say Yes To You Facebook group) and take a picture of where you have those beautiful goals posted. Don`t worry, I will be sharing mine too!


This lesson is centred around goal fatigue and targeting our limiting beliefs. Often times we are unable to reach our goals and move forward due to those pesky limiting beliefs that we carry around with us. But, before we can target a limiting belief, we have to have an understanding of what they are and where they come from. So firstly, we will understand what goal fatigue is and then we will jump right into limited beliefs. 

What is goal fatigue?


Goal fatigue is very common in our society as we are bombarded with a million things to get done in the run of a day, with societal pressures and living such busy lives. So naturally the thought of goal setting can be daunting, overwhelming and feel like a huge task.


BUT, the whole idea of this course is to make your life easier, to have more time for you and to learn some new tools and techniques that puts ease back into your life.


So, this is where we break the daunting tasks down and learn how to take things step by step, how to breath and slow things down and make things manageable.


Setting goals are tough and getting them down on paper and starting an action plan is the first step of really understanding the things you want in life and making them happen.


BUT, setting too many goals and doing it improperly can lead to what we call goal fatigue and leave you unmotivated, depleted and not wanting to set goals at all. Been there, felt that. Now to on to setting goals that stick.

So how do you know if you are experiencing goal fatigue?


here are some symptoms that might indicate you are experiencing goal fatigue:

  • You have no desire to set goals.

  • You feel overwhelmed by the thought of setting goals.

  • You are constantly setting goals one after another without taking breaks in between.

  • Not moving towards your goals and instead moving backwards.

  • Avoidance, avoidance, avoidance.

  • What used to energize you, now overwhelms you.

  • You have way too many goals to achieve and feel like you are spread thin.


So, if you are experiencing goal fatigue, what can you do?


A good shake up is the perfect cure for goal fatigue. For instance here are some things you can do if the goals you have set and are working on is just not right.

1.) Ditch the current goal. Even though this is going against the grain, BUT if your goal isn't inspiring, changing it up might do the world of a difference.

2.) Plan a goal detox. Sometimes the best way to find your way back to a goal that ignites and inspires is to go without it for a period of time. Just have some down time, some time away from your goals.


3.) Select one goal that is intriguing and inspiring to you and focus on that. Nothing sparks creativity and passion more quickly.

4.) Achieve a goal in another area of your life. Switch your focus!

******Be sure to check out this week`s homework PDF below for your homework*********


As mentioned above, one of the biggest things that hold us back from reaching our goals is the limiting beliefs that we hold. These limiting beliefs puts doubt in our minds and often tricks us into thinking we can`t reach our goals. So, this lesson is all about learning about limiting beliefs and knowing what to do with them so they don`t have an impact on your life. 

What is a limiting belief?

A limiting belief is a false belief that a person acquires as a result of making an incorrect conclusion about something in life. For example a person could acquire a limiting belief about his ability to succeed as soon as he fails or that they aren`t enough because someone tells them so.

I am a loser, I am a failure, I don't deserve to be happy or I can`t succeed are examples of limiting beliefs that people collect throughout their lives.

The problem with limiting beliefs

The biggest problem with limiting beliefs is that they force you to live below your potential. You may have all of the fundamental skills you need to succeed but if your belief in yourself is not evident, it is impossible to reach your true potential.


Where do limiting beliefs come from?

People acquire limiting beliefs as a result of going through certain life experiences, from family and friends and from people who have their own limiting beliefs and influence you with them.

The media, societal pressures, societal norms, our friends, our relatives and the people we come in contact with keep feeding us with limiting beliefs without our notice.

Often times we are totally unaware of the limiting beliefs we have and how they affect our life.

Determining our own limiting beliefs:


This week will be tough as we are digging deep and getting to the route of why we are possibly not seeking our true potential. What limiting factors do we believe about ourselves that we have listened to for years and have stopped us time and time again from reaching our goals.

In the downloadable PDF, you will find a recording sheet where throughout the entire week you are going to identify the limiting beliefs you are telling yourself. This exercise will allow us to replace these limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs, beliefs that will make you realize your awesomeness and achieve the things you have always wanted in life.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help identify your limiting beliefs. I would recommend journaling and writing with no filter to really pin point your feelings of self doubt (I also attached a journaling sheet in the homework PDF if you need it).

  1. What is holding you back from reaching your dreams or the life you have always wanted?

  2. What areas do you think you are not good enough to get what you want?

  3. Why don't you deserve to get what you want?

  4. Why will things not change for you?

  5. What are you scared of?

  6. What obstacles do you face when you think about reaching your goals?

  7. What is keeping you stuck?

  8. What is preventing you from changing and reaching your goals?

  9. What area in your life do you struggle the most with?

  10. What might go wrong while you are reaching for your dreams?


Write until you feel you have answered all these questions and don't filter and try and make it something it is not, honesty is key here.

Once you are done, take a highlighter, read back over your journal and highlight the areas where you can identify your limiting beliefs. If you are unable to pinpoint yours, let me know and I can help.



Here is an example of a limiting belief that I had to squash for myself:

I don`t deserve an abundant life because there are so many people out there who have it worse then me. I have a good life so I can`t be selfish and want a better life.

The limiting belief here is that if I have a better life that makes me selfish and a bad person.

This belief limited me from reaching my true potential and having a life I DO deserve. Having a life of abundance does not mean I am selfish or less caring, it actually puts me in a better place to help others and give back. Also, me having an abundant life doesn`t mean I am taking from someone else.


On our call, I will go into more detail about identifying these limiting beliefs, the impact they have on our lives and why it is so important that we identify them and acknowledge them.

"Take action, make the change."

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