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Module 2 - Lesson 2

Learning Goal:


You will be feeling the shift of all the changes you have been making but this week we will start digging deeper. REALLY deep! We will explore different areas of your life and see if there are any triggers or deep rooted issues we are missing. This lesson is not identifying limiting beliefs but identifying situations or relationships that have been toxic and needs to be dealt with and to free ourself from the power it has had over us. 

“Dig deep and be honest with yourself about the wounds you carry. This is the first step to healing them and setting yourself free from your history.”


One of the biggest things that we often do to “cope” is stuff all the emotions down and not deal with them. We often hold onto these situations/relationships and use the hurt from situations which caused pain and relationships that are toxic because in a way this causes us comfort and actually meets our needs at some level.


So this week, we are going to recognize what are some things we haven't dealt with, things that we might still be holding on to some level. I will challenge you to dig deep. You might have felt some things popping up when identifying your limiting beliefs but our old habits crept in and you stuffed them back down.


This week, I will be asking you some deep questions.


You will find in your homework some questions that will make you explore areas of conflict, reflect on situations and relationships and maybe find some things you haven't dealt with. On the other end of the spectrum, some of these questions may be easy to answer.


When you are answering these questions in your homework PDF I want you to be honest. I also want you to be aware and take note on questions that made you feel uncomfortable, that were difficult to answer or sparked emotion.

I would suggest highlighting the questions that cause you some difficulty so we can address them. You already know all the answers, you already know why these questions might be difficult, so pay attention to what your body is telling you when you are answering these.


There are quite a few questions, but the main purpose of this is to identify things you haven't let go in different aspects of your life. Be gentle with yourself and do not judge the feelings that are coming up. If you feel anxious when thinking about or answering some of these questions, remember the exercise where we addressed our inner child and remind yourself that everything is going to be ok, forgive yourself and be gentle.

Another thing you can do is take a few deep breaths, refocus, be gentle with yourself and repeat one of your empowering beliefs or a mantra that will help you through this. One of my favourite for this exercise is "I am not my past, I am strong enough to release these feelings and they do not define me!"


This week we will be doing the searching, next week we will be doing the healing and letting go of any toxicity and harboured feelings we may be holding onto. We will also focus on why we act the way we do and how we can change our behaviours :)


Why are we digging so deep? Why don't we keep these feeling buried deep down?


The answer is quite simple.

Why holding onto the past can be harmful:

1.) It can manifest into disease.

2.) Holding onto bad relationships can damage future relationships and prevent you from really having meaningful relationships that could be beautiful and fulfilling.


3.) By holding onto the past, you are harbouring negative energy and blocks any positive energy from entering.

4.) You are preventing yourself from moving forward and living a fulfilled and awesome life.

I know some of these questions may seem trivial but the key behind this is to see where you are in different aspects of your life. Some of these questions are designed to identify potential triggers and identify any emotion that may be connected with previous experiences or to target different aspects in your life that brings up different emotions.


Once you have these questions answered, I want you to reread the answers and see if there is anything you can add. Please remember to not hold back here, holding back and not being honest with yourself will not result in change.


Once you have these questions answered, please email me them. I know this part will be challenging but I will be able to give an unbiased opinion and insight as an outsider looking in. Until we can attack any “unfinished business” for a lack of a better word, it is hard to move forward.

"If you are looking for that one person that will change your life, look in the mirror!"

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