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Module 1 - Lesson 4

Learning Goal:

Review our limiting beliefs and learn how to replace those buggers with beliefs of empowerment.


This week we are going back to our workable document about limiting beliefs. If you haven't done so, make sure your list is compiled. Still not quite sure about what yours are? No problem, this will help.


Remember, at any point, you can go back and add to this list.


You have the tools now to be able to identify your limiting beliefs but let's do a little refresher first.




Our limiting beliefs usually exist in the form of a story or a thought that prevents you from doing something in your life, from making changes, from reaching your goals or just moving forward in certain areas in your life. They are usually ingrained in us at an early age and we rarely even know that it is happening.


An easy tip on how to recognize a limiting belief? When it comes to our beliefs, we can question and identify a limiting belief by using this one word to help us, the word “because.”


- I can't write that book because I don't have the resources.

- I can't exercise because I don't have time.

- I can`t be in a relationship because I don't trust people.

- I am going to be alone forever because nobody wants me and I am not love worthy.


Our Beliefs are our own descriptions of our ideas and values which often reflects our external reality. There is a difference between a belief and a fact.

Are the thoughts you are telling yourself a fact or belief?


Once you can identify that you are indeed telling yourself limiting beliefs and it is NOT a fact, you can move on and squash those mother truckers.


So, how do we squash them and replace them with empowering beliefs? beliefs that put a pep in our step, a light in our life and get us back to smashing goals?


Step #1:


We are going to start by identifying what the problem or limiting belief is that you will focus on. What is the thing you want to change? What is the root of what you want to change? Without a focus, we are unable to really get to the root of that problem and therefor unable to make a change.


Remember to be gentle with yourself and take these beliefs one at a time. The whole idea behind this course is to equip you with the skills necessary to help squash these beliefs at your own pace.


What is your problem you are going to focus on?


- I am alone.


- I am unhealthy.


- I am unhappy.

- I am unmotivated


*I am using three examples above just to give you a guideline, you just have to focus on just one. Once you become comfortable with the process, you can start squashing these beliefs as they pop up in your life. 


Step #2:

Use the “because” method and write down as many reasons why you feel so deeply about this as possible. Be gentle and honest with yourself and don't overthink it.


It is SO important NOT to judge yourself when doing this. It is not your fault you have developed these limiting beliefs but it is up to you to squash them.


  • I am alone because I don't deserve love.

  • I am unhealthy because I don`t have the time to exercise.

  • I am unhappy because I don't deserve it.

  • (Problem) because ……………..


*Write down whatever comes to mind and let the words flow.


Step #3:


Now we analyze. Are the reasons FACTS or BELIEFS?


Once we realize that in fact we have specific beliefs that are indeed limited that means that we can now change them.


Understanding that your belief is not the truth but only a belief is key to understanding and being able to change your belief.


Step 4:


Get a big, fat red marker. We are now going to squash the s$%t out of them. Once you have seen first hand the beliefs, you are going to mark a big X through the limiting belief. That X is going to signify you no longer believe that and you are going to replace this limiting belief with a belief of empowerment.

For an even more dramatic effect, crumble the limiting beliefs (AFTER the exercise) and burn it to solidify that you will not longer be driven by these limiting beliefs.  Consider it a good bye ceremony!


Step 5:


I want you to write down why this is only a belief, why this is NOT true. I want you to create a powerful statement, a powerful thought that is the opposite of your limiting belief.




Step 1: I am unhappy


Step 2: I am unhappy because……..


  • No one loves me (B)


  • I don't deserve to be (B)


  • I haven`t done anything of insignificance (B)


  • I have no one special in my life (B)


Step 3: I put a F(Fact) or B(belief) next to each in step 2 


Step 4: Take your marker, pen or something that is RED and X out each one of those beliefs


Step 5: We replace the negative beliefs and replace them with beliefs of empowerment. This step will take the power away from the limiting belief and allow you to see things from a different lens.

  • I have several people in my life who loves me very much.

  • I do deserve it, I am an awesome person and deserve good things.

  • I have accomplished some pretty great things in my life and will continue to do so.

  • I have many special relationship in my life and grateful for everyone of them.



The key to success when squashing your beliefs is to:

  1. Understand what your limiting belief is, to dig deep and allow yourself to explore what you are feeling.

  2. Understand that it is only a belief and you can change it. You developed this belief and you can implant new ones.

  3. Be sure to create a powerful, empowering statement to replace the negative belief.

  4. Have patience and be willing to practice. It didn't take a onetime occurrence to create these beliefs and it is going to take time to change them. You are the only one that can change your limiting beliefs.

  5. Change the vocab you use with yourself. Use vocab that is empowering: I can do this… I believe in myself…I am strong, confident and capable…I will find a way to make this work…

  6. Be dedicated. Commit to putting the work in and making the changes necessary to see change.


If you are finding it difficult to really let go of those limiting beliefs, try writing down what the consequences are for you living with this limited belief.

  • What are you sacrificing by living with this limiting belief? What are you out missing on? What is this limiting belief holding you back from? Where will you be 10 years from now if you keep believing this?


Then, write down all the things you will gain by replacing this limiting belief with an empowering one.

  • What will you gain? What will change? How will this help you? 


Identifying and squashing these limiting beliefs is a challenge. But stick to it and continue to work through those thoughts. Remember they are beliefs and values that SOMEONE else put onto you, they do not define you and you can change them.


Now, let`s get to work, let`s start squashing those limiting beliefs and begin changing our beliefs to ones that empower us, that allow us to achieve, that are motivating and will push us to reach our goals.


"Believe in your future self."

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