the empowerment program

the 22 day program that will help you implement healthy habits, control your mindset, learn to meditate, establish a journaling routine and learn how to thrive during these challenging times

These are challenging times and we are all being forced to pivot and change our "normal"... this is a huge transition and having the tools to help is key. This program will help you with that and help you gain control of your mindset to help you as you navigate these uncharted waters

what is included

journal prompts

Journaling is THE tool for success. Whether you are beginning or a master, it is THE tool to help you work out your feelings, process,  problem solve and master your mindset. In this program you will.... 
  • learn what journaling is and how to start
  • receive 22 daily journal prompts to help you implement journaling in your routine



Your words matter and so does the language you use. 
This program is going to give you all the deets around affirmations, how to use them and show you how big an impact they have. You will get....
  • 22 daily affirmations to help you reinforce this new behaviour
  • an instructional video on how to use them
You are going to learn why meditation is so important, we are going to crush some myths and debunk the stigma around it. You will get...
  • 7 meditations that will leave you feel empowered, full of confidence and self love. 
  • tools on how to meditate

morning routines

A support app

With this program you are finally going to learn how to implement a morning routine successfully. This will be taylored for YOUR lifestyle and I am going to share all my secrets on how I implemented a morning routine, have been successful for almost 3 years now and how it has helped me from rockbottom to.....well, rocking it :)
There is an app for that. Say what?
You heard me right. I have created an app to make this program accessible and streamlined for you. Nothing but the best for my ladies. 

from the empowered ladies about working with me

"If you want to change your life, and if you want a safe place to feel normal, join this group! A safe haven to relate to others."

— Member of Empower

"I feel at home and surrounded by like minded ladies and I am constantly learning."

— Member of Empower

"This group provides a safe haven for women looking to learn about self-improvement while still openly discussing challenges. It is lead by Gina, a very caring and knowledgeable coach who thrives on seeing her clients succeed. Her enthusiasm is infectious and gives us the drive to meet our goals. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested!"

— Member of Empower

is the empowered program for you

If you are stressed and want to gain control over those racing thoughts.. then YES it is.
If you are stuck, need some motivation and what you are currently doing is not working...then YES, it is.
If you feel unhappy, if you are stuck in a cycle of negativity... then YES, it is.
If you need something to focus on that will help you... then YES, it is.
If you feel alone... then YES, YES and YES!
If you want to learn, grow and work on you... YES! 
If you are struggling to implement healthy habits and need some help... YES, YES.... ummm YES!
If you want to implement a morning routine that LIGHTS you UP. You betcha.  
If you want a change in your life, don`t want this Pandemic to define you and don`t know where to start? YESSSS!

I want in, sign me up coach! 

you have never heard of this type of thing and you have questions....

(Q) Are the 22 days consecutive?
(A) To implement healthy habits, it is best to do the 22 days without taking a break. Habits are created through consistency and rewiring the brain takes daily repetition.
(Q) Is this a group coaching program?
(A) While this is a 22 day commitment, this is a self paced course meaning all the info you need is at your finger tips and you complete it how it fits your schedule daily. But as mentioned above, it is highly recommended that you complete all the work during the 22 day period. 
(Q) What kind of time commitment am I looking at?
(A) Between 20 - 30  minutes a day
(Q) Are there refunds?
(A) There are no refunds for this program as you will get access to ALL the information up front. 
(Q) Will I have access to the content when the course is over?
(A) You bet your bottom dollar. You will have access to this course for life baby. 
(Q) What if I need extra help?
(A) I am here to answer any and all of your questions regarding the program. Just shoot me a message. BUT, If you need specific 1-1 coaching, I have some packages you can avail of,  check out the Services section above. 
(Q) How do I know I am ready?
(A) If you are reading this, YOU ARE READY. There is no right time, or prerequisites that you need. ALL ladies are welcomed and we will take you from you are and raise you up. 

 If you are stuck and need a little help overcoming an obstacle, if you are feeling like you’re not functioning at your best or if you just need someone in your corner, then this is the group for you. Gina will guide, inspire and help you overcome and shut down that little voice in your head that might be telling you that you are not enough. She will show you that you are enough, and she will give you the skills to know that you are enough. Not only do you get Gina, but you get a whole community to support you.

— EMPOWER Member

"This group has been a life-changing support in some of my darkest times."

— EMPOWER Member

"Every woman needs a group of like-minded women to keep pushing them forward. That is what Empower with Gina is to me - a safe space to be myself, to feel supported and to keep pushing myself."

— EMPOWER Member

I am Ready, Sign me Up!

There is no handbook for this. There are no guidelines. There is no cookie cutter solution for everyone. All I can do is share what works for me with hope that it can help you too. Remember, you don`t need to go through this  alone. You deserve to have people rooting for your success and wanting you to have the best. 
If you haven`t been told yet today, You are an EMPOWERED woman, this too shall pass and you got this.

xx Gina

aka The Empowering woman

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