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Free Mindset Coaching Course

This is a 5 Day course where we are going to learn about confidence, fears, your current beliefs, the ego and stepping it up.

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day 1 - limiting beliefs

Day 1 is all about conquering limiting beliefs. We learn about them, what they are, the impact they have on us and how to change them into something EMPOWERING. 

day 1 - video

day 1 - HOMEWORK


Oh, that pesky ego. Today we are going to learn all about what the ego is and learn what is going on in our subconscious mind. 

day 2 - video

day 2 - homework

DAY 3 - fear

Fear literally controls so  many of us. It paralyzes us, keeps us stuck and keeps us playing comfortable. This lesson is all about breaking through fear and GOING for it. 

day 3 - video

day 3 - homework

day 3 - homework

day 3 - QUIZ

day 3 - Meditation

DAY 4 - confidence

Confidence, so  many of us want to have it but we forget that we have all the power to gain it back. This lesson we are learning all about to gain that confidence back. 

day 4 - video

day 4 - homework

DAY 5 - Moving forward

day 5 - video

Hi, i`m Gina Keeping, The Empowered Woman Coach

I help women create a life of clarity, confidence and intent.


So nice to meet you!

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