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lesson 4: 5 to thrive

Well done ladies, we are almost through our first module. How are we feeling? Hopefully you are feeling good about the progress you have been making so far. If you are not happy with a few things, jot it down and be sure to bring it up on our one to one call. We want to make sure we are clearing all the things holding you back. 

This week we are looking at "The 5 To Thrive!" This is going to give us some key elements to help us thrive in life, in our goals, in our actions, in our thoughts and in our every day lives. The 5 To Thrive is the perfect formula to help us get clear on what we need to be doing. 

We will also do a check in and see if there are any lingering things that might be holding us back that we need to work on as I stated above. We really want to clear these blocks because these are the things holding you back and preventing you from moving forward.

the 5 to thrive

What is the 5 To Thrive?

Here is an infographic to get you started on what the idea of this is.

So basically what this means is that our identity shapes our choices and our choices shape the direction our life goes in.  It means our identity rides on 5 things...

If you notice, you might see the triad in the 5 to thrive. The triad involves:





The other two components of the 5 To Thrive include:



But, you might be asking yourself, what the heck does this have to do with anything. Well, based on these 5 components and how we live in each, it really predicts our future. This theory helps us identify what our identity is because it is here where we find the indicator of success. 

For example: What do you think the life of someone who...

Focus: Focuses on the negative, complains all the time and is problem driven.

Physiology: Shallow breathing, slumped over, negative posture, inactive.

Language/Meaning: Uses phrases like, I am not good enough, I don`t deserve that, I will never have that.

Identity: Identifies as a victim,  identifies as someone who has bad luck, identifies as someone who has to work hard to get things, etc. 

Future: Chances are you won`t get what you want in life, you will be held back, you won`t overcome your fears, etc.

The 5 To Thrive can either hold you back or propel you forward. 

The hard part is recognizing that you have a role to play in that. You have a role and are quite capable of choosing to change your conditioning, to change how you currently present in these categories. You get to chose your identity and you get to chose if you want to reprogram. 

Success is 80% psychology and 20 % mechanics.

Our homework this week is to close the gap between old patterns of The 5 To Thrive and bring you closer to using the 5 To Thrive to create your compelling future. We need to get control over these elements to help you get to your future. 

Your identity is so important in how the direction of your life goes. If you want to thrive, if you want to live a live you are happy with, it all comes down to the identity piece and who you think you are. No one else can do that job, but you. Yes it takes time to change, but it can. Once, you start changing that, everything else falls into place and you begin thrive. 

Head on over and take a peek at this week`s homework. 

"We don`t do what we can, we live what we believe we are!"

"What you think, you become!"

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