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It is so hard to sum up in a quick bio of who I am and what I do. But here it goes...

✓ I am a former classroom teacher of 15 years. 

✓ I am a Tony Robbins' Certified Strategic Interventionist trained to guide you through transformations in both Life and Business. 

✓ I am a motivational speaker. 

✓ I love helping people see what they are capable of and teaching them to go after what they want. 

✓ I am a business & mindset coach

✓ I am help women become more confident in who they are, what they want and show them how to go after it.

I have always had a passion for helping people. 


Hands Downs. 


It's been my lifelong MISSION to help as many people as I can to become THE BEST version of themselves. This is also a goal I can proudly say I have been able to accomplish time and time again, with MANY clients and students over the years.

When you are Successful, I AM SUCCESSFUL because THIS IS WHAT LIGHTS ME UP! I do what I do so YOU can reach and EXCEED your potential.


The thing is, you do not even REALIZE how much power and potential you have. But I do! And I can 100% help you achieve that.....and SO MUCH MORE! 

“How”, you ask? 

My first passion was teaching in the traditional school system and was an educator for over a decade. Looking back on it now, I can honestly say, these experiences have been the building blocks of my journey in becoming a thriving Business & Mindset Mentor.

In short, I teach you how to have RADICAL transformations in both your LIFE & BUSINESS


My clients now benefit from my experience as an educator because I was able to perfect my skills through MANY years of:


-developing curriculum

-creating educational and cognitive programs


-going through HUNDREDS of step-by-step processes of various teaching methods

-analyzing specific data for students’ mental, physical, emotional, social, and educational development

-dealing with high volume work loads and stress levels

- helping a variety of different types of learners

- organizing and creating successful, individualized plans

- being able to multitask like a boss

My superpowers as a teacher were endless… they were a job requirement. 


Peach Minimalist Step By Step Instagram

With over a decade of doing this type of work, I have been able to learn, adapt, create, and recreate MAGICAL things with even the most difficult and challenging students in the most challenging of situations.


I have the natural ability, skill, intuition, and JOY of meeting people where they are at, 

recognizing their own unique skill set, taking them ABOVE AND BEYOND their own self limiting beliefs, old thought patterns - to achieving their Life Long Goals & Business Ventures. 

So yes! I can definitely help you turn your Dreams into your Reality!

and if all this wasn't enough....

I have studied and learned from some of THE best business and personal development gurus in the industry.

My life-long passion of learning has connected me and educated in me in so many areas that are necessary in creating, growing and scalling a business..


- Taken me to LIVE  Seminars lead by one of THE WORLD'S TOP Life Coaches, Tony Robbins


- Inspired me to become a certified Life Coach through Tony Robbins

- Motivated me to extensively research and study several powerful cognitive transformative therapies, such as DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy)  


- Helped me dive deeply into self care and self love therapy work that was 100% the Ultimate GAME CHANGER in my life. 100%

- Lead me to study under Marie Forleo as a B-Schooler


- Was a student of Laura Belgray with her Copy Cure program

- Current student in the Insta Hub Club with Chalene & Brock Johnson

- Was a guest on several radio platforms including CBC Crosstalk, CBC morning show, Rogers TV and VOCM

- A speaker at various events including Positive Thinkers Club, Pathways to Better Days and other local and global organizations. 


"Gina's passion for helping others shines through from the instant you meet her but to get the full meal deal I did her "Say Yes to You" course. Her honesty, sincerity and willingness to share part of her life story made ME realize there are bigger and better opportunities for me and that I could do it I just have to trust the process. "

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