I have always had a passion for helping people. 


Hands Downs. 


It's been my lifelong MISSION to help as many people as I can to become THE BEST version of themselves. This is also a goal I can proudly say I have been able to accomplish time and time again, with MANY clients and students over the years.

When you are Successful, I AM SUCCESSFUL because THIS IS WHAT LIGHTS ME UP! I do what I do so YOU can reach and EXCEED your potential.


The thing is, you do not even REALIZE how much power and potential you have. But I do! And I can 100% help you achieve that.....and SO MUCH MORE! 

“How”, you ask? 

My first passion was teaching and I have been a grade school teacher and educator for

over a decade. Looking back on it now, I can honestly say, these experiences have been the building blocks of my journey in becoming a thriving Life & Business Mentor.









My clients now benefit from my experience as an educator because I was able to perfect my skills through MANY years of:


-developing curriculum

-creating educational and cognitive programs


-going through HUNDREDS of step-by-step processes of various teaching methods

-analyzing specific data for students’ mental, physical, emotional, social, and educational development

-dealing with high volume work loads and stress levels

- helping a variety of different types of learners

- organizing and creating successful, individualized plans

- being able to multitask like a boss

My superpowers as a teacher were endless… they were a job requirement. 


With over a decade of doing this type of work, I have been able to learn, adapt, create, and recreate MAGICAL things with even the most difficult and challenging students in the most challenging of situations.


I have the natural ability, skill, intuition, and JOY of meeting people where they are at, 

recognizing their own unique skill set, taking them ABOVE AND BEYOND their own self limiting beliefs, old thought patterns - to achieving their Life Long Goals & Business Ventures. 

So yes! I can definitely help you turn your Dreams into your Reality!

Why am I so Confident in this?

Well, for starters.....

Despite working in a rewarding career that I absolutely LOVE, my journey to becoming a Business Owner, Creator, and Mentor has not always been an easy one. This past decade I have been faced with some of the biggest challenges of my life! So big in fact, I was forced to take time off work because my health and well-being was drastically declining. 


Doctors orders.

However, it has been the BIGGEST blessing for me to stop, slow down, and re-focus on my own health and wellness. I took the time to learn and relearn what it takes to truly heal, let go, and move forward in ways that SERVE me, rather than what I THOUGHT served me. I had some HUGE insights that I never realized about myself, but once I finally SURRENDERED.....Life took me to this next Chapter:


A Life & Business Mentor!

Throughout my healing journey, I took the time to study, learn, and research some of the TOP procedures and strategies to overcome obstacles, barriers, and self sabotage behaviours  to live a SUCCESSFUL, JOYFUL and FULFILLED life - despite many years of hardships and struggle.

My healing journey and self discovery in both personal and business has:


- Taken me to LIVE  Seminars lead by one of THE WORLD'S TOP Life Coaches, Tony Robbins


- Inspired me to become a certified Life Coach through Tony Robbins

- Motivated me to extensively research and study several powerful cognitive transformative therapies, such as DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy)  


- Helped me dive deeply into self care and self love therapy work that was 100% the Ultimate GAME CHANGER in my life. 100%

- Lead me to study under Marie Forleo as a B-Schooler and through her Copy Cure program.

- Allowed me to be a guest on several radio platforms including CBC Crosstalk, CBC morning show and VOCM

- Lead me to be a speaker at various events including Positive Thinkers Club, Pathways to Better Days and other local organizations. 


Now I TRULY live a life FULL of pure passion, purpose, and authenticity.


My experience, combined with my skills as an educator and my passion for helping others, also inspired me to become a Life Empowerment Coach where I launched The Empowering Woman Life Coach Business. I created dozens of empowerment and self love courses, events, workshops, and coached many 1-on-1 clients to re-invent themselves through their own struggles to live a life they deserved and desired. 

After running this established business for almost 5 years, my business took an unexpected twist. I now also help start-up entrepreneurs take their ideas and put them into action in this digital, virtual world. 

The unique combination of life coaching plus business mentoring has given me the beautiful foundation to help my clients build their business, find balance in their lives, take out all the guesswork, and help them every step of the way to achieve their desired goals. 

So to get more personal with you since you have read this far, I will open up with you and tell you how this all became a reality for me and how I took my biggest struggle and turned it into something beautiful.

"Gina's passion for helping others shines through from the instant you meet her but to get the full meal deal I did her "Say Yes to You" course. Her honesty, sincerity and willingness to share part of her life story made ME realize there are bigger and better opportunities for me and that I could do it I just have to trust the process. "

- Jackie Keats

IIn 2012 I tragically lost my father to Cancer at the age of 59.  He was too young, and we were not ready to say goodbye. That, on top of many other life debilitating events (too much drama and too many traumas to relive) year after year,  I hit rock bottom. 

I was diagnosed with burnout, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and recently, Fibromyalgia. 


So yes, I know what it feels like to be at the bottom and to have to struggle just to get out of bed.

Death has taught me a LOT.

Heartache has taught me a LOT.

Struggle has taught me a LOT.

Darkness has taught me a LOT.

Overwhelm has taught me a LOT.

Being at the BOTTOM has taught me a LOT.

Snapseed 2.JPG

And I am BEYOND GRATEFUL for each and every event that has happened to me in my life because through the many many years of darkness, depression and pain, I have now gained the specific skills, tools, insight, mindset, and ability to Mentor, Teach, Guide and Support ANYONE through ANYTHING to achieve their goals.

  1.  I love to laugh and am an absolute kid at heart. I still have water fights and nerf gun fights and own them like nobody’s business!

  2. I am a step-mama to an AMAZING WOMAN. Yes, she is grown, and she is such a spark of light. I am so very proud of her in every way.

  3. I loveeeeee animals. I am a proud fur-mom to THE cutest rescue, and she is livin’ her best life.

  4. I am a fierce advocate for total body health.

  5. I love SPORTS! Not watching them; PLAYING them. Fun fact: I have my black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I wrestled varsity, and I play football and hockey. I just love the thrill, camaraderie, and competitiveness of sports.

  6. Speaking of competition…I am super competitive. I will take down a kid in tic tac toe and not give it a second thought.

  7. I love nature and the ocean. I spend most of my free time galivanting around the coast of Newfoundland or wherever my feet will take me. These adventures are my JAM!

  8. My passion for food is indescribable. I get so excited trying new foods, going to restaurants, and cooking from home. My homies often giggle about how much I talk about, drool over, and obsess about food.

  9. I am not much of a shopper, but I have a total obsession for sweaters, cardigans, pottery mugs, journals, and books.

  10. I have a really big heart. It is usually a good thing, but not always. I have come to love that about myself though. You will not meet anyone who gets as invested in movies and moments as yours truly. I am a big softie and feel ALL the feelings.

  11.  I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Navigating these uncharted waters has equipped me with even more tools in my toolbox to help others.


It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed, scared, and even apprehensive to INVEST in yourself, but you can NOT do this alone, and I have learned this the hard way. Like you, I also had a low self-esteem around Money Blocks, Business, and a negative connotation about spending my hard earned money on 'self-help', so I get it. I also felt overwhelmed by ALL the things I had to do and spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours, learning from google how to run my business, how to overcome negative mindsets, and to show up and reach those dreams.

 I am also very proud to say that I have created a supportive business community of entrepreneurs where we hold each other accountable to our daily, weekly, and monthly goals. And let me tell ya, we are CRUSHING them one at a time and breaking old thought patterns that keep us playing small or not 'good enough'! It's a place where we co-create our dreams, celebrate each other's milestones, and connect to our creative business ideas! 


So, if I can do all this, you surely can too!









You have an idea that you want to turn into a business

You have no idea how to start and grow a virtual business

You need someone to be with you every step of the way for your business journey

You need to gain confidence to step up and grow your business and finally live the life you have wanted

You need some clarity and direction in your life

You need someone to hold you accountable and call you on your BS

You want to overcome obstacles in your life but don`t know where to start

You are feeling stuck and ready and need a change

You want more in life and know you were meant for more than just going through the motions

Life is meant for living 

and if you believe......

not just getting through

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