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Consistency = Cash Workshop

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Consistency = Cash Workshop

This workshop is for the person who...

- boldly claims they are not consistent

- is doing all the things but still not seeing results

- wants to simplify their business but don't know how

- wants to work smarter not harder

- wants to have more freedom

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What to expect?

In this workshop, you will learn how to...

- break up with inconsistency

- change your relationship with consistency and leave thinking consistency is sexy

- become a consistent, kick ass woman

- learn how to create your needle mover tasks

- use concistency to bring in cash

- how to simplify your business, priortize freedom and make more money


What people are saying...

Lea Coultas

Gina's Consistency = Cash Workshop really helped me pinpoint some things I'm doing really well in my business and other things I need to work on. It really allowed me to see the big picture and narrow down some actionable steps for me to finetune in my day to day. I also got clear with my "needle movers" (I didn't even know what that word meant before this workshop lol) and actually take some things off my plate. I realized I was making things a lot harder than they needed to be. I left the workshop feeling empowered & a lot less stressed about my business. I highly recommend this workshop!!

Hey, I'm Gina

I am a business and mindset mentor and I help incredible humans (just like you) ditch the overwhelm and burnout and create businesses we are OBSESSED with. 

That means learning to work smarter not harder, be intentional with our time, have smart systems and be crystal clear on what tasks move your business forward or keep you stuck. Around here we prioritize self-care, freedom and simplicity. 

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