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How to create an aligned + freedom focused business - insider secrets
Learn my simple, proven framework for growing an aligned + freedom focused business. It's time to have more fun and energy all while making more impact + income without compromising freedom. 


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Having an aligned + freedom focused business means having SIMPLE systems and mindset strategies that match your definition of success...

...but it's deeper than that. An aligned + freedom focused business can:

Success doesn't have to look like
what everyone else is doing. 

and you get to grow your business YOUR way
You don't have to feel overwhelmed, throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping it sticks

You don't need to be on every platform 

You don't need to dance on reels and be a "profesh dancer"

So while you feel you need to do it all and do it THEIR way, I promise you there is another way of doing business and living....

around here we burn the rule book and find what works for YOU  showing you that YOUR discernment is key. 

Having an aligned + freedom focused business is taking back your power and being able to show up and make the impact + income you desire without the constant comparing, lack of confidence and  exhaustion. 

The good news? I have a proven framework to help you find that success and this is what we are talking about in this FREE training. 


In this 75 minute training, i'm sharing the top 3 secrets to start creating your own aligned + freedom focused business....


Firstly, we'll identify what your definition of success is and navigate the number one thing holding most people back.


Next, I'll share with you the top 3 proven "secrets" to help you create your own AFF business.


Up next, we will unpack the common things keeping you stuck in the chaos and overwhelm.


I'll give you my roadmap to success -the key non-negotiables I focus on in my business so I can live a life I love and grow a business I am not attached to 24/7.


The 3 mindset shifts you need to make today that are crucial for your growth.

This training is for YOU if...

You are feeling burnt out in your business and want to change how you are doing business

Curious about another way of doing business and want to NOT be tied to your business 24/7

Ready to SIMPLIFY your business and have more time/mind freedom without sacrificing your impact + income

 The SIMPLE truth is... 

You can make the impact + income you want WITHOUT having a complicated business AND feeling burnt out ALL THE TIME. 
I don't know about you, but I am uninterested in growing a life and business I don't get to enjoy. I didn't leave one 9-5 job, to become an employee of my own business and I bet you aren't either. 

If you are craving freedom, flexibility, simplicity and an aligned business, 
- I got you...

Being intentional and creating smart + simple systems has the power to TRANSFORM your life

I remember when I left my teaching career, I VOWED I would never build a business or life that freedom and flexibility wasn't at the forefront. I remember leading up to leaving my job, I had a picture of me, sitting in the back of my car, with my pup overlooking the ocean and I promised I would always let that (FREEDOM) be the compass of my business. 

As a teacher, I didn't have flexibility or freedom, and it was so important to me as I grew my business and I am so happy I did. 

Success is nothing without freedom and fulfillment  for me and I bet you feel that too. 

While your definition of freedom might look different than mine, when you look at your life and business, do you have freedom? Does it feel good? Is it sustainable? 

If not, it might be time for a change...

The chance to create a business that not just looks good on the 'gram but actually FEELS good is possible...


There is another reality waiting for you...

You get to create a wildly successful business that is freedom focused

You don't have to feel burnt out and always waiting for the next thing

You get to decide what success means to YOU

You get to burn the rule book and do it YOUR way

You don't have to do this alone...

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